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Ireland: The Pub

I spent the last week exploring Ireland. It wasn’t a place too different from the United States – much of the culture I found almost indistinguishable from our own.  That’s not to say Ireland wasn’t unique though – not by a long shot.


The Irish – more-so than any culture I’ve experienced – are a hard bunch to dissect. They have a soul of iron that is almost impossible to pierce. The hundreds of years of British occupation, the civil wars, the bad economy – but nothing about any of this is revealed too easily. The Irish are layered. They don’t live with the hearts on their sleeves – and to a tourist you almost miss entirely who the people. It’s complex and maybe that is the real distinction between Ireland and America – a thousand years of history have made things a little more complicated.

But if you want to understand any of this you have to understand the heartbeat of Irish culture – the pub. The pub isn’t a place to dance your ass off and fist pump until you puke all over your friend’s shoes – the pub is proper. It’s a meeting place where you discuss the goings on of the world: politics, religion, life, and love. If you can see the pub as more than just a place to grab a beer you can start to uncover what it means to be Irish.

Here are few bars I crossed paths with:


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Ireland in 2 weeks

I don’t know what life will teach me in Ireland – the lessons are all unique – but I do expect Ireland to be beautiful. I’ll be going to these places and writing about it here soon.

Staying in Dublin.
Visiting Cliffs of Moher (Pictured below)
Visiting Wicklow
Visiting Cork and Blarney Castle