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eBook: I need your help

As I write this blog post I am approximately half way through my first ebook entitled:

Liberty and Reason
Five controversial issues that affect your Freedom

Essentially the idea is to tackle five controversial issues (i.e., Gun Control, War on Drugs, Abortion, etc.) and walk through each one on a logical basis in an attempt to develop a stance. I offer my own opinion as well as statistics and data to support each point, much like this blog, except I have taken a little more time for research and readability.

So far, at least one of my previously held opinions has been changed – which is hopefully a good sign as related to my research.

What do I need from you?

This is where you come in, my faithful and loyal readers. I want to know:

1. What would make you want to read this ebook?
2. Would you buy a book if it was offered in hard copy (for say, $2 – $5)?
3. Publishing: Anyone have any experience or advice? Know any publishers?
4. Any general comments, questions, and suggestions welcome.

I am pretty excited about the whole process and your feedback is very important to me. Please let me know what you think in the comments!