Reading List

Book’s I’ve read since the inception of BlogTruth.

The Time Machine By: H.G. Wells
Shanghai Travel Guide By: Christopher Pitts
Spam Nation By: Brian Krebs
Alexander Hamilton By: Ron Chernow
His Excellency George Washington By: Joseph J. Ellis
Brave New World By: Aldous Huxley
War is a Racket By: Smedley D. Butler
Benjamin Franklin: An American Life By: Walter Isaacson
Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power By: Jon Meacham
With Liberty and Justice for Some By: Glenn Greenwald
On Killing By: Dave Grossman
In the Garden of Beasts By: Erik Larson
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man By: John Perkins
Ireland Travel Guide By: Fionn Davenport & Catherine Le Nevez
San Diego & Tijuana Travel Guide By: Andrea Schulte-Peevers & David Peevers
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance By: Robert M. Pirsig
It Can’t Happen Here By: Sinclair Lewis
Life and Death in Shanghai By: Nien Cheng
Guatemala Travel Guide By: Lucas Vidgen & Daniel Schechter
Anthem By: Ayn Rand
The Japan We Never Knew By: David Suzuki & Keibo Oiwa
The Revolution: A Manifesto By: Ron Paul
Nineteen Eighty-Four By: George Orwell
Lies the Government Told You By: Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
Liberty Defined By: Ron Paul
Thomas Paine Collection By: Thomas Paine
The Worldly Philosophers By: Robert L. Heilbroner
Peaceful Warrior By: Dan Millman
Atlas Shrugged By: Ayn Rand
Reasonable Faith By: William L. Craig
To Kill a Mockingbird By: Harper Lee
Man’s Search for Meaning By: Viktor E. Frankl
Starship Troopers By: Robert A. Heinlein
The God Delusion By: Richard Dawkins
Cosmos By: Carl Sagan
Debt- The First 5,000 Years By: David Graeber

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