What is this place?

What is this Blog about?

BlogTruth (BT) is like two guys sitting around having beers after a long day at work, all the time. That’s about it.

Our favorite topics usually involve politics, life and family, religion, current events, travel, and of course –  beer. We try to think evenly and logically. We draw from life experiences and write it down here.

Who’s Behind the Blog?

This blog is authored by Atticus and Holden.


Atticus started BlogTruth in 2011. He is a management consultant who focuses on process improvement and business risks. Atticus brings years of business insight and amateur political analysis to the table in the form mediocre blog postings. He is an aspiring world traveler, family man, and terrible at grammar and punctuation. You can read his blog posts here or contact him here.


Holden’s dashing good looks are only proceeded by his prose. He is a tech consultant, business man, a former geographer, and somewhat of a scientist. The self proclaimed king of being just okay at everything, husband, and father. You can read Holden’s posts here or email him here.