Suicide Culture: Why the Media Feeds us Gun Control

The Gun Control debate is getting a lot of attention. There have been two mass shootings in recent history so everyone is focused on prevention – and rightfully so. No one wants to hear about another school shooting. No one. With all this attention on Guns I can’t help but feel like we are missing […]

The President isn’t Stupid – He will not tackle Gun Control

The President has said publicly that he will not use what happened in Colorado as an opportunity to pass more gun control laws. I’m inclined to believe him. Via White House press secretary Jay Carney said yesterday that Obama will not push any new gun laws. He said Obama is committed to preventing gun […]

Aurora, CO Mass Shootings: Lets talk about Culture and Gun Control

What happened in Auora, Colorado was a tragedy. Everyone can agree with that. The media is taking this as an opportunity to parade it around the television and internet – which I have no problem with – to debate the most obvious topic on hand: what does this mean for gun control. The same talking […]

Gun Stats: Gun Deaths by Category

Since I couldn’t find a chart I liked – I created this one. Seems like if we could do something about mental health issues and gang violence we could almost ignore guns all together. Why are so many people committing suicide? Why are so many people turning to gangs. These are the real questions we […]

Gun Laws in the wake of the Connecticut Mass Shooting

Here we are again in the wake of the most tragic mass shooting in U.S. History.  28 victims, 20 of them children, were murdered by a psychopath in the name of nothing, for no reason, and has given none of us one ounce of closure.  To call this a tragedy is an understatement.  To try […]

Thoughts on Obama’s Message about the Debt Ceiling

Here are a few thoughts on Obama’s address on Gun Control and the Debt Ceiling. Obama Passes Fault to Congress Obama says that raising the debt ceiling isn’t a license to spend more money, but rather authorizes the Government to pay debt already accrued. Essentially, if Congress raises the debt ceiling the Government can pay […]

The Second Amendment and Obama’s Executive Orders

Biden came out today and said that President Obama may act alone with a series of executive orders to combat gun control. Maybe you think that is a good thing, maybe you think it’s a bad thing. In either case I think an executive order on gun control would result in an interesting discussion as […]

eBook: I need your help

As I write this blog post I am approximately half way through my first ebook entitled: Liberty and Reason Five controversial issues that affect your Freedom Essentially the idea is to tackle five controversial issues (i.e., Gun Control, War on Drugs, Abortion, etc.) and walk through each one on a logical basis in an attempt to develop […]

Do Laws Prohibiting Firearms Work?

After scowering the internet and a few of my favorite statistic gathering websites for data on the link between firearms and violent crimes/murder/and accidental deaths I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought.  The data is all over the place.  When you look at JUST the data inside the […]