Normal Life

“You don’t have to have a normal life. You can do anything you want. There are no rules about the right way to live life, as long as you are happy. The rules are made up.”

Trying to encourage my brother-in-law to do something special with his life is the same set of advice I give myself…and follow to a greater or lesser extent.

But what I challenge others to do is something I myself do not live up to. A life of adventure and self discovery. I suppose a somewhat romantic and perhaps unrealistic view of “what life could be” if you just lived according to your own set of rules.

For me I picture myself in Antigua, Guatemala working in a coffee field sourcing coffee for a local coffee shop back home in Atlanta. Spending my time traveling, writing, spending time with family, and building a business that consist of long conversations over the perfect cappuccino.

All I need is the coffee shop.


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