No Sharp Corners in Nature

I’ve heard that there are no sharp corners in nature – that the only points and corners are man made. Nature tends to round things off through erosion and the natural wearing-down process. As I get older I think my rough edges are being round-off too.

These days I have a lot more patience, I can tolerate a lot more bullshit, I’m more realistic, and just more – domesticated. In a way that frightens me.

I don’t want to lose the “conquer the world” spirit I’ve always had. I value being level headed and realistic, but I don’t want to stop dreaming for something special. Even when that something special is a long shot.

There is a lot of value in experience. But where life experience can hurt is if it wears down all of your edges – and turns you into a lump of a human being. I think we should fight to keep a few of our edges, but be smart enough to let experience smooth us out where it makes sense.

1 thought on “No Sharp Corners in Nature

  1. Jon

    Hey Atticus.
    I guess one advantage of smoothing down our edges is that the people who interact with us, and who we care about, are less likely to cut themselves! So that’s a good thing. 🙂
    I imagine that the ‘edge’ we want to strengthen is our passion for living in a way that’s meaningful to us. I don’t think there’s any reason that life has to wear that down.
    By the way (kind of on the topic), I’ve returned to an organization system that emphasizes spending time on the things that really matter to you, things you’re passionate about, rather than just getting through the daily to-do list. It’s the book by Stephen Covey, First Things First. I’d worked with it years ago, but am coming back to it, and I think it’s relevant to the issues you raise in this interesting post.


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