Thoughts on Planned Parenthood and Late Term Abortions

I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of people who have late term abortions are not doing so due to medical issues. It is one thing for a woman to find out that giving birth may kill her, or that the child has issues and will go on to live a seriously limited life marked by never ending medical care, discomfort and pain.

But for a woman to decide she isn’t going to have the baby at a point that it is viable, simply because she changed her mind for whatever the reason may be- is murder.

I argue it is murder because that is how to law would see it if another person caused the end of the life. For example, say a pregnant woman is in her third trimester of the pregnancy visits a corner convenience store. A man walks in with a knife demanding all the cash in the register and her purse.

In the heat of the moment, the man loses his cool and stabs the woman in the stomach, killing the unborn “fetus.”  I believe this man would be charged with murder, would he not?

After all, this “fetus” probably had a name, the parents already knew the gender, and there was a room with a crib and rocking chair waiting on it.

So, is it not murder when the mother and a doctor decide to consciously end the life? Is there any difference?

I discovered recently that fervent defenders of a abortion will justify the act no matter how grotesque the current acts uncovered by Planned Parenthood and the medical practitioners working with them in fact are. I see them no less callous and inhuman as a firearms advocate group who may hold a rally in a neighborhood after a school shooting.

It is the same mindset. Just different interest groups.

Those who are quick to defend Planned Parenthood’s avocation of selling aborted baby body parts also like to point out how altruistic the practice is. We are helping researchers cure terrible diseases after all.

Maybe so, but last I looked, the person donating their body to science was supposed to agree to it before it being done. In the case of unborn children, they never had a say in the matter.

And to take the argument a notch further, the Third Reich also experimented on people, which helped advance medical science leaps and bounds. That doesn’t made what they did any more excusable or less disgusting.

I am not an abortion abolitionist. I understand that no two situations are the same. I understand there is an element of personal freedom involved. I also understand an outright prohibition would lead to far more dangerous, backroom procedures being performed for those desperate enough to seek them out.

But what Planned Parenthood and the doctors performing late term abortions and selling the body profits for cash are doing is wrong. It is incomprehensible. And the fact that most of these facilities exist in poor black neighborhoods also potentially makes it racist and a quiet form of eugenics.

If you find yourself one of these people, I challenge you to put the shoe on the other foot and think of how you feel about extreme guns advocates who show up in the neighborhoods after school shootings. I’d argue the recent acts of Planned Parenthood and the doctors who perform late terms abortions are much more grim and sinister.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Planned Parenthood and Late Term Abortions

  1. philebersole

    I think you’re right to focus on late term abortions and abortions of viable fetuses rather than abortions in general.

    The destruction of a fertilized egg or a clump of cells is one thing. The killing of a fully-formed human being is another.

    A friend of mine once told me that he was opposed to abortion because the fetus is the image of a human being. I would put it differently. The fetus is a potential human being. Destroying the image of a human being or a potential human being is not nothing. But, to me, it is not the same as the killing of an actual full-fledged person.

    Historically there have been three stages in the development of a human being. The next is quickening, or independent movement in the womb. I understand that many early and medieval Christian philosophers regarded quickening as the stage in which human life began. The third stage is viability, or the ability to survive outside the womb.

    The Roe v. Wade decision sort-of kind-of in-a-way recognized these distinctions by distinguishing between first-trimester, second-trimester and third-trimester abotions.

    I can understand why people think all abortion is wrong. However, I can’t understand why people think it is worse to donate an embryo for scientific research than to bury it or flush it down the toilet.

    Finally, the historic and main mission of Planned Parenthood is to provide knowledge and assistance to women to practice contraception. I think this is a good mission. The fewer unwanted pregnancies, the fewer abortions.


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