In the Moment

Orange, green, and brown leaves. A perfect seventy degrees. There’s a beautiful family walking down the mountain trail as my own family walk up it. The trail is steep and there are a lot of roots and large stones so we move to one side to let the family pass. The Dad, head of his family, marching proud down the trail. He leads his wife and three kids down.

His wife has brown-blonde hair. She also looks happy to be on the trail. Their children following closely behind like young ducklings. A proud momma of a son and two daughters.

But something is different about their children. Their heads are down. They aren’t looking at the beautiful leaves, they do not have the same proud look their parents have, and they are missing it. There is a lack of life in their movement. A lack of interest. Missing the golden leaves, the breeze, nature. Missing all of it. They are out of touch – eyes glazed. The youngest’s nose almost touching the screen of a phone.

That night my wife and I return home and begin to make dinner together. We turn on music, chat about the day, watch our daughter play with her toys and scoot across the floor. I pick her up and throw her up and her head almost touches the ceiling. She laughs and I put her down. She craws across and I am impressed with her speed. We are in the moment and enjoy each other’s company.

4 thoughts on “In the Moment

  1. Practical Parsimony

    If my children were young today, they would be very unhappy children because they would not remain so firmly attached to their phones. In the 70s, they were only allowed to watch 30 minutes of tv each day. So, I have the fortitude to resist their wiles.

    1. alicia

      I have a feeling this woman’s children are very unhappy TODAY! This lady leaves nothing but unhappy, depressing comments wherever she goes. Hey lady! Give it a break! Go haunt your own site and leave the rest of us happy people alone.

  2. Holden

    My kids are six and three, neither have a phone and we don’t buy cable TV.

    No, we aren’t Luddites, We have netflix, video games and tablet PCs. We just aren’t glued to them all that often.

    Not all hope is lost yet Practical Parsimony. 🙂

    1. Atticus C. Post author

      You guys have a pretty healthy balance, I think. And the video games you guys play the most involve the whole family having a good time and doing something active (dancing). That’s how it is supposed to be.


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