This Damned Blog

Getting ahead in life is all about knowledge. The only problem is: You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s my problem at least.

I try to work my way through life. I try to make the right decisions. It’s tough though because for the most part I have to make these decisions myself. It’s kind of a one man show.

Sometime I wish I had a mentor. Just a guy with a ton of knowledge and experience that could occasionally steer me in the right direction. An old guy sitting in a rocking-chair with a southern-but-educated kind of voice. The kind of guy that commands authority, but doesn’t demand it.

The kind of person I would most appreciate would probably be smart enough to keep his advice to himself anyways. So it probably wouldn’t be much help. He would probably sit back with his arms crossed and listen while I talk. Occasionally nodding his head to show that he’s listening.

When I’m done talking he’d ask me if I want something to drink. I’d say sure, we’d talk about something else for a while, and I’d go home. I guess the kind of mentor I’d most like isn’t too much different from this damned blog.


3 thoughts on “This Damned Blog

  1. Holden

    Now that you mention it, I’ve always felt this way too. I am very lucky to now have a few really good mentors at work now though.

    Being surrounded by people who push you or guide you makes all the difference. I can’t believe how much I’ve changed and learned in the last two years alone. I wish I had a similar equivalent in my personal life.

  2. Secondhand Surfer

    southern-but educated voice-kind of like “Doc Holiday”…NO ONE in the south talks like that…I wish I could hear a recording of this voice..yes you guessed it, I have a southern accent..just sayin-


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