Facism: The Healthcare system is broken.

Thoughts on the healthcare system in America? Has the ACA helped you, hurt you? I’d like to hear your story.

2 thoughts on “Facism: The Healthcare system is broken.

  1. Jon

    My brother got his insurance plan through the federal website. The website, as you know, sucks. It took 3 hours to navigate. It was hard to know what to click on the pages in order to advance to the next page. He ended up getting a Blue Cross plan via the Federal website, and this gave him a low income credit he wouldn’t have gotten directly through Blue Cross.

    Also, because he has a serious medical condition, the fact that he’s not excluded for his pre-existing condition is really important.

    1. Atticus C. Post author

      I actually spoke to my aunt-in-law over Thanksgiving. They actually (plan to) sign up for a plan and were happy about the pre-existing condition thing. They did say that it was significantly more expensive though (there former healthcare plan was dropped). At a minimum I think the pre-existing condition portion of the ACA is helping people.


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