Until you experience multiculturalism please don’t talk about race

I am so tired of reading articles like this one on the Huffington post that claims to have made some exciting revelation about the causes of racial tensions or why black people tend to be democrats.

I’ll bet that the author of this article and the researchers involved have never even had a black neighbor. They probably live in an indistinguishable all white upper-middle-class neighborhood with neatly trimmed lawns and where everyone drives a Subaru. But until you actually live in a multi-cultural neighborhood please stop trying to draw conclusions about race.

My Neighbors: Blacks and Mexicans

For clarification I would like to point out that I live in Atlanta, GA – widely considered the hub of black success and culture in the United States – in a part of the city that is equal parts African America, Latin American, and White. So I deal with people of different race daily (and live next to them, happily).

I get why people have trouble with other cultures and why race relations can be difficult. Cultural habits from one community to the next can be difficult to deal with if you aren’t open minded. So until a person leaves their androgynous community and experiences a true multicultural setting I don’t think they have much to add to the conversation.

For example, until you live next to a Mexican family and realize how loud their family gatherings are you may not understand why a quiet white family would have a problem with that. Or maybe you don’t realize that having a PERFECTLY manicured yard isn’t important in the black guy next door – so you have no idea why these “whities” find it irritating that those three weeds are so obviously ruining the neighbors flower bed – AND RUINING PROPERTY VALUES! (exaggeration implied)

Segregated people have no perspective

My overall point is that the people writing these “studies” have no f*cking idea what they are talking about. They attempt to draw conclusions from data and historical facts (that are sometimes accurate, sometimes not), but add no real value to the situation. It is the classic gap between academic theory and real world practice.

Tension exist between race because you are throwing groups of people together that don’t see the world the same. Not because their skin color has a different pigment, but because they come from a different cultural, economic, and social background. They have different ways of thinking, different traditions, different values, and unique ways of doing things. When you add all of those differences together it’s pretty obvious why there can be friction.

The South isn’t racist – we actually have Multiculturalism

So before anyone writes another article about slavery in the South and how racism is so prevalent here please recognize one thing: The South is actually multicultural. And until you live next to people who are different from you – all with deeply seeded roots, history, and traditions – please don’t pretend to know what you are talking about.


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