People who Disgust me

I think I am becoming disgusted with people.

Today I was in the elevator with two terribly obese women. Each at least 300lbs.  We went up 7 stories which took approximately 1 minute. For each second of the entire minute the two fat ladies complained. They complained about the heat. They complained about work. They complained about their co-workers. They complained.

“It’s so HOT! You’ll never hear me complain about winter.” One obese women said. I noticed her neck jiggle as her chin moved up and down.

Frankly she was disgusting to me. She had two huge chins and her clothes fit more like sheets fit a water bed than a t-shirt should fit a person. Plus, something rubbed me wrong about a person complaining about the heat in Florida. What the hell is she expecting?

The entire time I thought to myself: “You wouldn’t be so fucking hot if you weren’t so goddam fat.”

Do you know what bothers me? People who complain about so much about nothing. When the  person comes in such a disgusting package it irritates me even more.

2 thoughts on “People who Disgust me

  1. Jon

    Att- this post has got to be proof of the joy of blogging with a pseudonym.
    If you were blogging under your Christian name (sorry, had to use that term), would you have posted this? God’s listening. 😉

    1. Atticus

      Yeah – definately a perk of blogging anonymously. Most times I have to catch myself to preserve the integrity of the blog. I decided to have a little fun with this one. 🙂


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