Media Agenda: Boston Marathon Bombing – Female DNA found on bomb fragment

DNA has been found on one of the Boston Marathon Bombs. Sooo….am I the only sane individual alive? Why is this news?

CNN Not News

A few things

1. Why would DNA from a bomb, a bomb that exploded in a crowd of people, be important? Even if  the DNA turned out to be someone of interest how could the FBI prove to a jury (or undisclosed deciders of human fate) that the DNA in question is from a person somehow involved in the bombing and not just someone who coincidentally came into contact with it?

2. Even if the DNA points to the Tsarnaev Mother or wife (which I think there is no doubt that is the innuendo ) what would that even mean? Would it mean they once cooked with the pressure cooker? That they came into contact with it once? That they were involved? If so, is that enough to do anything?

More importantly, without any details, why is the media making this a big deal. Is this poor journalism? Is this real news or part of an agenda?

This is a Message, Not News

This is a message from authorities. A script carefully crafted by the FBI and discriminated to the public by the media. WHY?

BECAUSE the authorities want to accomplish two things:

1. The authorities want to send a message that there is no escape. A message that anyone who attempts such a thing will be caught. Anyone who knows about such a plot will be found. A message of their power and a perpetrator’s futility.

2. The authorities want to intimidate. More specifically the authorities want to intimidate Tsarnaev’s wife and mother (who may have known about the plot). The FBI is saying: “If we want you, we will get you. So play along or else!”

Why This is Important

I do not necessarily condemn what the FBI (or other authorities) are doing here. In many ways it is a brilliant tactic.

My problem is with the media. A media that presents canned story as news, when it isn’t. It isn’t unbiased. It isn’t journalistic. It isn’t any of the things news and journalism is supposed to be. It is a canned story that tells the reader absolutely nothing, but leads them down a path full of assumption and bias. That is criminal. That is worth pointing out.

Lessons Learned

I’m not into conspiracy theories or “government is out to get you” antics. What I want to do is promote message that teaches people how to take in the news. So here are a few lessons:

1. We cannot take everything we see on the news for face value. Examine the agenda.
2. The media is not unbiased. What are they saying, what words are they using, and where are they leading the viewer? Why?
3. The media is, at least sometimes, is bought and paid for.


One thought on “Media Agenda: Boston Marathon Bombing – Female DNA found on bomb fragment

  1. Jon

    This makes me think about the overall bad feeling I get from seeing the major cable news networks cashing in with 24 hour coverage of any drivel they can find to keep their ratings up. And of course it’s the mindless audience that tunes in all the time that makes this profitable.


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