Extremist’s are Cowards

The far right and left, in my opinion, are the worst society has to offer. They are arguably worse than criminals. Why? Because their ideas are poison, a hindrance to society itself. Their very ideas are the ones that spark conflict, war, death, and the inflexibility that prevents problem solvers from developing solutions. Extremists adhere to a script they didn’t even write, one they didn’t concoct themselves, because they’re too uncreative and too intellectually immature to recognize anything beyond their pathetic screenplay for life.

Extremists are bad because they refuse to see the world as anything but black and white. Their only goal is to exert their ideas above all others. Not to seek truth because their truth was already decided for them by someone else. There in lies the very problem and lack of solutions.

You are Just Another Market

Extremists cater to an audience or have been brainwashed by a talking head on the tele-screen. The ideas they spout sell ideas and draw attention. It is sensationalism. Unproductive ideas and concepts that provide no benefit except that of ad sales and controversy. Whether it is the left selling environmental or anti-war bumper stickers or the right selling “prepper” seeds and guns – the end game is the same and the same groups of wealthy elite prosper.

Extremist are Cowards

Extremists are cowards because they lack the ability or courage to admit when they are wrong. They associate with only people who are agreeable and purposely avoid those whose ideas conflict with their own. This process leads to a vicious circle of self gratification. A proverbial circle-jerk of extremist who have polluted their own gene pool with fickle, inconsistent ideas.

Extremists are ironically satisfied with the status-quo. The Irony lies in the fact that most believe themselves to be true individualists, but are anything but.  Whether the “hipster” or the “redneck” they both confine themselves to the strict set of cultural codes assigned to them. Extremism is the complete opposite of freedom. Extremism is a prison.

So here’s looking to you. You right and left wing bloggers.

Note: This work was created as a joint venture between Atticus and Holden. A result of a collection of brilliant ideas brought to light via Google chat conversations. 

5 thoughts on “Extremist’s are Cowards

  1. philebersole

    I don’t have any problem with so-called extremists. Every idea that is commonly accepted now, from Christianity to democracy, was once considered extreme, and may be considered extreme once again.
    And of course nobody is an extremist in their own mind. Everybody, including me, thinks their own ideas are moderate and reasonable and people who differ are the extremists.
    You’re complaining (very rightly) about people who are poorly informed and closed minded. But such people are found in the middle as well as at the ends of the imaginary political spectrum.

    1. Atticus Post author

      I think in this post I was referring to people who hold ideas and are unwilling to consider other ideas. Basically people who follow the scripts they hear on whatever media source they prefer. People who have extremist ideology and never consider any other point of view and suffer from extreme confirmation bias…

  2. philebersole

    I know the kind of people you’re talking about, and I agree with you, except that some of them—I’m thinking of some of my Obamaphile friends—think of themselves as moderates.


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