Conservatives: Stop the Hypocracy on Gay Marriage!

I love my fellow conservatives. I will chit-chat and agree all day long about the values of personal liberty, defense of the constitution, limited Government, and balanced budgets. I honestly believe that these values are what makes America great. I think our sense of personal freedom and individualism is why we are so unique. It’s why we make the best movies, have the best tech gadgets, and why the rest of the world often looks to us for innovation.

What I dislike is how many Conservatives cherry pick their own philosophy to fit their personal beliefs. Are you conservative or are you only conservative when it fits your own personal gain and ideology? Let me provide an example.

A while back I was doing some research on local politicians (I live in Georgia) and ran across Representative Paul Braun (pictured above). Mr. Braun says all the things that makes my conservative heart flutter. In one interview he says:

“That’s what I’ve been doing in Congress, trying to push the government back to constitutionally limited government as our Founding Fathers meant it. That’s what I am all about.

I voted against [the budget] because it doesn’t even cut spending. It just slows the growth from a 5 percent growth to a 3.4 percent growth. This is just intolerable as far as I’m concerned, so what I’ll be doing is proposing specific cuts…

I am a Bible-believing Christian,” he said. “I also realize that people have other beliefs than I do and that’s fine. In fact, I respect their beliefs, but the thing we all can believe in is that we’ve just got to stop all of this out-of-control spending. No matter what your religious beliefs are, we’ve got to deal with this tremendous debt that’s unsustainable.”

I can handle this. He wants to cut spending and limit Government. While he may have his own religious beliefs he “respects [other’s] beliefs”. No problem. Right? Wrong!

Conservative Hypocracy!

Like so many conservative Rep Paul Braun preaches the limited Government conservative ideology, but is more than willing to use Government to impose his own beliefs on others AT THE EXPENSE OF TAX PAYERS! Here are two examples:

1. In May 2009, Broun proposed failed legislation that would have proclaimed 2010 “The Year Of The Bible”. He also introduced a bill to ban the sale or rental of sexually explicit materials on U.S military installations.

2. In 2008, Broun and 91 co-sponsors introduced H.J.Res.89, a proposition for the Federal Marriage Amendment. The proposed amendment to the United States Constitution would define marriage as “as consisting only of the union of a man and a woman.” Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) and eight other senators introduced a proposition for the amendment with S.J.Res.43 on June 25.

Hypocracy is a Pattern

Rep Braun demonstrates the lack of ideological consistency that is a major pattern in the conservative community.  If you want to preach individuality, limited Government, and personal freedom then it should be FOR ALL PEOPLE – not just the ones who fall into your religiously defined moral code.

Conservatism is about individuality and liberty, not about stifling the pursuit of happiness for a group of people who just so happen to be attracted to the same sex. The Government should stay out of people’s personal lives or any contract between two consenting adults – especially when it involves matters of the heart.

If anyone should support Same Sex Marriage – on principal alone – it should be conservatives.


5 thoughts on “Conservatives: Stop the Hypocracy on Gay Marriage!

  1. FLPatriot

    I find it is one of the things that I see more in the “conservative” side of the political spectum, self regulating. I appreciate when someone questions the actions of someone who maybe on the same side of the polticial debate, so I would like to address one of your comments.

    “Conservatism is about individuality and liberty, not about stifling the pursuit of happiness for a group of people who just so happen to be attracted to the same sex. The Government should stay out of people’s personal lives or any contract between two consenting adults – especially when it involves matters of the heart.”

    I agree 99% with what you say here. My only complaint is that the homosexual community is not trying to have a legal contract between two consenting adults, they are tring to force their beliefs into mine.

    Marriage is a religous institution created by God that joins one man and one women in an eternal pact with God. If a homosexual couple wants to live together, I would not condone it on moral grounds, but there is no legal reason to stop them. But when they want to the state to demand that I recognize their relationship as a marraige that infringes on my religous rights. This is why the homosexual community, specifically the politically involved members, do not want civil unions.

    Unfortunatly the church a long time ago allowed the state to get involved and issue marraige certificates. I would prefer to see all marraige certificates be transferred to civil union contracts, this would allow churchs to be protected so they can define marriage according to their beliefs.

    I would like to hear your thoughts on my comment. If I am off track on anything I expect a fellow American conservative to be the one to set me straight. Thank you for your time.

    1. Atticus Post author

      I see where you are coming from here; however, it is worth pointing out that there are religious organizations (including Christian churches) that are willing to marry and recognize the marriage of homosexual couples. So sure, you can call it a civil union and separate the “marriage” part as a religious sacrament, but that would be just a matter of semantics.

      I do not think the Government is forcing any Christian church to recognize the legitimacy of gay marriage “in God’s eyes”. But since marriage carries a certain social stigma, a sizable legislative benefit, and it is relatively easy to find a religious organization to recognize the union as marriage – it doesn’t seem worth arguing over from a legislative standpoint.

      Gays should be able to get married and the Christian (or any other religion) church can condemn it if they want to. Both parties are free to do as they please without the interference of Governemnt – as it should be.

    2. philebersole

      I agree that the government should leave marriage to the churches and individuals and concern itself only with civil unions. If there is a God, He knows who he considers to be married and who not.

      Jesus as quoted in the Gospels condemned divorce except for reason of adultery, and condemned remarriage of divorced people for any reason, so the marriage laws diverged from historical Christian teaching a long time ago.

      One sidelight: Gay couples who marry probably will have to pay more in taxes, since income tax rates are generally higher for two-earner couples who file jointly than for single people who file separately.

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