For Your Consideration: 3/29/2013

Because Holden and I constantly share and read news articles all week we decided it would be a good idea to share them with you too. So, every week you we will drop our favorites here “For your Consideration” (FYC). Feel free to post your favorite links in the comments!

1. Same Sex Marriage and Gilligan’s Island Game Theory
2. ‘Stop the bullshit’ in wireless pricing says T-Mobile CEO John Legere
3. ‘Combat-ready’ North Korea threatens US mainland, Hawaii
4. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un threatens attack on US bases in Pacific
5. Mayor Bloomberg says surveillance drones are inevitable in NYC: ‘get used to it’
6. Could Facebook Have Prevented the Georgia Baby Shooting?
7. Boxee TV update brings DLNA access, on device DVR management and more
8. Hate paying income taxes? Try these 7 states
9. Monsanto Moves Towards Total Dominance of the World’s Food Supply, and They’re Making Sure You’re None the Wiser
10. The spoils of industry


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