Atlanta’s Suburbs are Succeeding: Rich advantage or Efficiency realized?

As an Atlanta resident I can confirm these are the nicest areas of Georgia. Also predominantly white and affluent. Is this a case of unfair wealthy advantage or evidence socialized Government is doomed to fail? Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Atlanta’s Suburbs are Succeeding: Rich advantage or Efficiency realized?

  1. philebersole

    From viewing the video, I see three advantages that the Sandy Springs residents get from incorporating and outsourcing government services.
    (1) They get to spend their tax money on themselves, rather than putting into a pool with those who are less affluent than themselves.
    (2) By making a fresh start, they free themselves of legacy obligations such as pension payments to former governmental employees.
    (3) By outsourcing government services to private companies, they are in a position to make the suppliers of services compete to hold down costs. That is a better bargaining position than if they had to depend just on their own employees, especially if those employees were unionized.
    It may or may not be the case that private companies are inherently more efficient providers of public services than governments are. I don’t know.
    I don’t blame the people of Sandy Springs for acting in their own self-interest. I act in my own self-interest. What I don’t like is what I perceive as their self-satisfied complacency and contempt for the hard-working people who make possible their comfortable lives. But maybe that’s just me. Maybe you perceive them differently.

    1. Holden

      Atty shared another great article about Atlanta and Fulton County with me you might find interesting.

      Sandy Springs is one of the communities that broke away from the County to form its own city. To be frank, Fulton County/City of Atlanta is just royally screwed. In fact, I would NEVER live within either’s borders simply because of the massive misuse of tax funds and history of outright corruption! It is mind boggling at times.

      And to top it off, there are a lot of people who are extremely quick to not only play the race card, but also reinforce racial tensions so that they can continue to leverage race issues to their political advantage.


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