Gun Stats: Gun Deaths by Category

Since I couldn’t find a chart I liked – I created this one. Seems like if we could do something about mental health issues and gang violence we could almost ignore guns all together. Why are so many people committing suicide? Why are so many people turning to gangs. These are the real questions we should be asking.

Is gun control the solution? I don’t think so. Here are the facts so you can decide for yourself.

Gun Deaths by Category


1.Total Firearm Deaths: 31,672
2.Total suicides by firearms: 19,392
3.Justifiable Homicide (self defense by citizen against felon): 201
4.Justifiable Homicide (by police against felon) 343
5.Accidents: (2010) 851
6.Gang related (2010) 8880

18 thoughts on “Gun Stats: Gun Deaths by Category

  1. Holden

    I love all the captivating, endless gun talk. Guns are officially the most important thing in the world. We should never stop talking about guns… guns guns guns guns guns guns guns I love guns guns guns guns guns I love guns guns are not evil guns guns guns guns are great guns guns guns are so super interesting guns guns are in all the best movies and video games guns guns guns guns guns jesus would have owned a gun guns guns guns muhammed would have blasted some jews with a gun gun gun gun….. GUNS! YAY FOR GUNS!

  2. Holden

    I’m going to have to start contributing more to the blog. Its getting a little vanilla. Did Fox News buy you off? Feels like I’m reading Fox News….

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  5. Tim

    Can someone point out to me where in that CDC report it says 80% of gun homicides are gang related? I scoured that thing four or five times, but the only 8,880 number I see is for hispanic 65-74 year old death rates.

    I’m a big supporter of gun rights, but I we need to make sure that we are giving legit stats.

    1. Atticus Post author

      The original number I found came from here:

      I think that number is wrong, but I am doing more research. May require that I revamp this chart slightly.

      I later gained some assurance around that number from FBI reports that said that an estimated 25-30% of all deaths related to firearms were gang related. That would make that 28% figure correct.

      I did find this: The FBI number of 8874 does does not contain accidental or justifiable homicides.

      There is no hard data on the number of gang related deaths – the best I can find is an estimate.

  6. Dwarf

    I’m wondering if there is anything to be learned in that accidents take more lives a year then justified defense.

    And gun control is bad because?

      1. Dwarf

        I like this information and I like like your opinions. I don’t often get to discuss my opinions rationally with people that have your opinions, so I hope that nothing I say offends. That’s not the intention.

        I agree with what the article says. There is no proven correlation between gun control and gun violence decreasing. Except in the comments where it says it does. But lets leave that issue out of it.

        Lets address the matter of our liberty.

        “the Founding Fathers knew all too well was that for citizens to remain free from the tyranny of their Governments (or any other oppressor) it was necessary to have the ability to fight back.”

        There’s no possible way a man with a handgun would be able to beat an airplane. Or a drone. Or chemical weapons. Or tear gas guns. Not when they can listen in on your conversations through your phone. If the government felt like being a tyranny, we wouldn’t be able to stop them. And as stated in this very article, there isn’t really a good use for guns in self defense.

        However I really like what you have to say about moderating education and wealth in order to lower gun violence! I agree that this is a much better form of gun control!

        However when you mention changing cultural norms, it terrifies me. Completely terrifies me.

        > I just realized: This looks so small right now, but when I post it it’s going to be a much larger font. Crap.

        1. Atticus C. Post author

          Hi Dwarf,

          thanks for your comments. One Point:

          “There’s no possible way a man with a handgun would be able to beat an airplane. Or a drone. Or chemical weapons. Or tear gas guns. Not when they can listen in on your conversations through your phone. If the government felt like being a tyranny, we wouldn’t be able to stop them. And as stated in this very article, there isn’t really a good use for guns in self defense.”

          The one thing I would like to remind you that it is not just federal Government, but also local Government. Do I actually think that we would have a chance against an organized military – No. But it is the principal of the whole thing. It doesn’t seem right that one armed group of individuals has the right to systematically disarm another. Especially with the gross mistreatment by Government as you have mentioned.

          Also, don’t worry about the long comments. I enjoy them. 🙂

          1. Dwarf

            I wonder, if the government used acts of terror to control people, how many would be willing to lose their lives to stand up against them? Also where would these people be? If it’s only one uprising, then it can be quelled, and all of the information regulated before anyone finds out. Or at least that’s what I would do. However I don’t know if I find the governments to be grossly mistreating people. It may not be actually useful, but most of what it’s not doing is hurting. Most of what is doing and can do is stupid and pointless and will never be used by the government, because it’s better to be feared then loved, but never be hated.

            Most of what the government can use against us is necessary an elaborate defense screen that is built to stop terrorists. And with the Boston Marathon, they showed that they can. By walking onto a crime scene they were able to get picture of the criminals, identify them, and attempt to apprehend them. Police often move against protestors, and more often then not no violence is involved. So I don’t feel that government so much mistreats as much as never bothers to help people in the first place, which is definitely an issue we should move to remedy.


            I just feel that people could have risen up in many circumstances against injustice, and that guns just never seemed to be around. When guards fired into protestors or beat them or sent in riot squads, nothing much happened. When MOVE happened in Philadelphia ( ). In Philadelphia there are a lot of guns. Tons of them, most families have them, or want them, and it isn’t that hard to make make-shift riot supplies from a bat and nails. But that didn’t happen.

            Would disarming matter when we don’t protect ourselves, and when we do we suck at it?

  7. Marty Townsend

    “The total number of gang homicides reported by respondents in the NYGS sample averaged more than 1,900 annually from 2007 to 2011. During the same time period, the FBI estimated, on average, more than 15,500 homicides across the United States (

    These estimates suggest that gang-related homicides typically accounted for around 12 percent of all homicides annually.

    Total Firearms death: 31,672

    This comes out to 6% of firearms deaths can be attributed to gangs.

    Do the math.

  8. michael siletti

    I have read the gun stats. I have my own. Approximately 250,000 or more ( probable under reporting ) medical patients die in America every year from doctors mistakes which are also preventable. There is even a term for it. iatrogenicide. Death induced by physician.The medical establishment kills almost 8 times as many people than guns. I think gun control advocates have to reassess their priorities. Now 500,000 from cancer 500,000 from heart disease, I don’t know the stats from diabetes and the complications from that illness. If people are concerned about unnecessary deaths they should go for the issues with the highest numbers. Most gun deaths are suicide. People seem to be more concerned with guns than why these victims of their own torment are killing themselves. If guns are not there to be the first choice of self inflicted death then something else will take it’s place. Our society has bigger problems. The gun control advocates have been galvanized by many public figures. But they ignore the bigger pictures. You are 8 times more likely to be killed by a doctor than someone with a gun.


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