Thoughts on Obama’s Message about the Debt Ceiling

Here are a few thoughts on Obama’s address on Gun Control and the Debt Ceiling.

Obama Passes Fault to Congress

Obama says that raising the debt ceiling isn’t a license to spend more money, but rather authorizes the Government to pay debt already accrued. Essentially, if Congress raises the debt ceiling the Government can pay the bills. If Congress does not raise the debt ceiling our bills go past due and we default.

If what Obama is saying is true and “Raising the debt ceiling does not authorize [the President] to spend more, but allows [the Government] to pay the bills” then what is the point of the debt ceiling in the first place? If the Government budgets and spends more money than the allocated debt ceiling allows, approves that budget, then doesn’t the Congress already expect and know in advance based on that budget that they will be FORCED to raise the debt ceiling? What is this argument about and why is everyone acting like it just crept up on us?

If you don’t want to raise the debt ceiling then do not authorize the budget in the first place.

Executive Order

Obama also seems to be imply he will use executive order under the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling if Congress fails to act. I’m not sure if he is bluffing to get Congress to act or if will actually do it.

I’m not sure what’s worse – Congress telling the President “Fuck you.” to prove a point or the President using executive order to ignore checks and balances.  Either way sounds bad.

My Proposal

Is it possible to create a sustainable budget that doesn’t require congress (or the President) to raise the debt ceiling? If not – then what the hell are we doing wrong?

The President isn’t fooling anyone when he pretends that the current budget is all Congress’s fault. He pushed and advocated for more spending just like almost everyone else. His hands are as blood stained as any congress person. So the predicament is everyone’s fault. Can we really sustain a cycle of bad budgets, raising debt ceilings, fiscal cliffs, and repeat? I don’t know.

The solution? You tell me.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Obama’s Message about the Debt Ceiling

  1. Hyperborean

    Obama loves his executive orders. To hell with the Constitution, right? But this is perhaps the fault of Congress for writing vague bills or not suing the President over his executive fiat. The bottom line is very little was cut from the fiscal cliff bill and it called for massive amounts of spending. Watch as shit hits the fan around March when the debt ceiling debate comes up.

    1. Atticus Post author

      Unfortunately it’s not just an Obama issue, but a modern Government issue. George Bush used more executive orders than Obama. It’s a problem throughout the executive branch of the Government and both political parties are to blame.


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