The PodTruth Show: Episode #1: YAY FOR GUNS!!

PodTruth Episode #1Atticus and Holden host their first weekly episode of PodTruth. You can download or stream the episode below. We discuss, gun control, happiness, money, and finances. Enjoy!

Direct link to the .mp3 file.

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4 thoughts on “The PodTruth Show: Episode #1: YAY FOR GUNS!!

  1. Jon

    Att, Holden,
    I’ve been meaning to tell you guys that this podcast format works really well. It’s cool hearing you guys riff about the excerpts. I’d keep going w these.

    Regarding gun rights to insure a militia defense against a tyrannical govmnt … I think you could get 10s of thousands of citizens armed to the teeth w any guns you like. The gov spends over 500 billion a year on the military, and they’d squash any well-armed militia like a bug. …

    But you guys make a good podcast duo…. this format might have wings.

    1. Atticus Post author

      Thanks Jon! We are actually investing in some mics and such to make the show better. Hopefully we can make downloading and streaming easier too. We plan to do the show weekly so we’ll see how it goes. More to come!

    2. Holden

      I’ve made the same argument as you time and time again. The military would crush any civilian militia any of us could ever put together. But I think the right to arms is still an important symbol, and it would also force the government’s hand if push came to shove.

      Basically if it came down to it, the government would literally pull the trigger and kill it’s own people if they were presented with an armed militia.

      Sadly though, if anything like this happened, those gunned down would be widely branded as militant, homegrown terrorists and America as a whole would agree, and buy into the idea of giving away more power and more liberty.

      I think history is simply doomed to repeat itself, just as it has time and time again in regards to societies repeatedly falling into tyranny over the course of time.

  2. Jon

    I see what you mean Holden. I guess, for me, the question is whether we can avoid past history of tyranny (Franco taking over Spain, Chavez taking over Venezuela, Hitler in Germany, Oliver Cromwell in England) by building strong democratic institutions and traditions. I don’t think there’s another option.


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