I just want to make Tacos

My best friend and I joke all the time about quitting our jobs and opening up a little taco joint somewhere in the city. Not just any taco shop, but the kind people go out of their way to grab a bite to eat at. The kind of place that sells cheap home made tacos loaded with delicious ground beef, fresh veggies, and that special sauce you can’t quite figure out, but are pretty sure it’s some kind of mayonnaise and sour cream mix. We even have “taco parties” every once in a while to “perfect our recipe”. Really it’s just an excuse to make some damned good home made tacos.

photo 2

When you walk in the taco shop you immediately notice the interesting decor. Not just stuff the owners found lying around, but the kind of stuff that seems to be collected after a lifetime of travel. For some reason you know intuitively every item has a story behind it. There are photos hanging all over the walls from around the world – some of them have the same guys in them. You notice a few that catch your eye and you talk to your friends at the table about them. Then your beers arrive and the conversation shifts.

In the corner their is a giant life sized replica of a Yeti. You can’t quite put your finger on why the hell they have a bigfoot in the place, but you appreciate it none the less. You even take a photo with it every time you come – so does everyone else. It’s a local landmark now. Just can’t help it. The lighting isn’t the best, but it makes everything seem more interesting. There are a dozen local beers on tap and the guy serving you knows a little about every one of them. He might be the owner, but you aren’t sure.

Sometimes you show up late and have beers until close, but a few days a week the taco shop opens for breakfast too. They serve delicious coffee – nothing special, but the beans are from Guatemala and freshly ground every morning. The same two guys are always in the same spot by the window sipping the same mugs of coffee and discussing business and philosophy. They serve a delicious omelet with guacamole too. The damned Yeti is still staring at me, but he’s kind of like an old friend I enjoy seeing.

It’s the best damned Taco joint in the city.


5 thoughts on “I just want to make Tacos

  1. Jon

    Sounds great! My friend and I had a similar fantasy about opening a funnel cake stand. I’m less ambitious than you in my business ideas.


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