eBook: I need your help

As I write this blog post I am approximately half way through my first ebook entitled:

Liberty and Reason
Five controversial issues that affect your Freedom

Essentially the idea is to tackle five controversial issues (i.e., Gun Control, War on Drugs, Abortion, etc.) and walk through each one on a logical basis in an attempt to develop a stance. I offer my own opinion as well as statistics and data to support each point, much like this blog, except I have taken a little more time for research and readability.

So far, at least one of my previously held opinions has been changed – which is hopefully a good sign as related to my research.

What do I need from you?

This is where you come in, my faithful and loyal readers. I want to know:

1. What would make you want to read this ebook?
2. Would you buy a book if it was offered in hard copy (for say, $2 – $5)?
3. Publishing: Anyone have any experience or advice? Know any publishers?
4. Any general comments, questions, and suggestions welcome.

I am pretty excited about the whole process and your feedback is very important to me. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

6 thoughts on “eBook: I need your help

  1. FLPatriot

    1. What would make you want to read this ebook?

    This is probably the hardest question to answer. All I can offer is to make it interesting. The topics you mention are good ones to cover, so I would say your on the right path.

    2. Would you buy a book if it was offered in hard copy (for say, $2 – $5)?

    Yes. All though I am partial to my Nook at the moment and would rather buy digital.

    3. Publishing: Anyone have any experience or advice? Know any publishers?

    I am not in the know on this, but I have seen that there are several self publishing outlets that work with Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and other sellers.

    4. Any general comments, questions, and suggestions welcome.

    Foot note, foot note and foot note. Back up your opinions with plenty of facts and don’t use other opinion sources to foot note. Graphs and charts work well, but reference plenty of supporting material to back up your claims.

  2. Jon

    Atticus, this is a GREAT idea. You’re my “original blog buddy”, and I’m really glad you’re taking this on. I read this post the day you posted it, and haven’t replied yet because I wanted to give it more thought.
    I’d want to read your book. I don’t know much about the publishing industry, except a bit in the academic ‘textbook’ market – but it’s a different thing. Maybe you ought to look for 4 or 5 books (digital or print) that are in the BALLPARK of what you have in mind, find out the publisher, maybe the person’s agent even. It could be that you need to get an agent or lawyer to successfully pitch a book nowadays — I’m not sure. FL Patriot mentioned self-publishing, and you can always do that if you can’t land an established publisher. But might as well try first. I think you’re talking about a ‘short’ book — if so, Sam Harris (easy to blog his page) is a big fan of the short book and has published a couple of them (one is on Lying). Maybe find out his publisher. I think he may be hard to contact directly, so you might have to do some detective work. I have a feeling that simply sending a manuscript to a publisher won’t cut it – they just get too many manuscripts to read. I think that’s the advantage of an agent or lawyer that works with publishers and acts as a kind of ‘filter’ for them. The main thing is to do it, finish it, and not be deterred if there’s initial rejection.

  3. maryjane

    1. The topic itself is enticing enough for me!
    2. I would as I love my paperbacks; however at those prices you might as wel save the publishing money and sell just an ebook.
    3. I’ve worked with a few publishers and what I’ve noticed, especially with selling ebooks, is that they can be quite unnecessary if you’re tech savvy. You can sell through amazon and Barnes and Noble to get a feel for whether or not the book can sell by itself, no promotion necessary. If it does, start selling it through your personal site and promoting it in ways you think are best (forums, social media, your podcast, etc.)
    4. Don’t forget that you’re a customer as well! You’re interested in your book (I sure hope so anyways) and you know more than you think about where you’d go to find it. Listen to your inner customer and appease it! Also, back up your facts. Throwing opinions around all willy nilly without necessary facts can lead to very disgruntled ebook customers.


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