Over 50% of my income to taxation: Why I’m mad as hell and you should be too!

I think we’ve been bamboozled. We’ve been tricked by catch phrases and fun words like “liberty” and “freedom”. We’ve been fooled into thinking we are somehow better off than everyone else. We’ve been lied to and told that our “capitalist” economy is the strongest, our people the most free, and our opportunity the most rich. Lies.

We are as taxes, as spied on, as lied to, and as manipulated as almost any other Government on Earth. We are kept fat and happy with illusions. By the media telling us how bad it is everywhere else, by “Honey Boo Boo” and cheap hamburgers. Too fat and brainwashed to care. To apathetic to do anything about it.

“At least we aren’t over there.”  We say.

A First For Me

Today marks the first major tax hike I have experienced since the start of my career. I’m mad. I can’t justify this setback internally. Why am I giving away more security for myself and family to an entity that is making no investment in me? How do I benefit? My family? My community? How can I give away over 50% of my income and still the Government ask for take more?

Payroll/Income Taxes. Property Taxes. Sales Taxes. Communication (phone/cell phone) Taxes. Social Security Taxes. State Taxes. City Taxes. Fuel and Energy Taxes. Taxes to pay for my car tags each year. Increased costs of goods via trade and import taxes. Fees for passports and licences. Inheritance Tax. The list goes on forever.

The myth is that the Government is spreading the wealth. Helping the poor. Taxing the rich to give to the needy. Robin Hood. This is a lie – not just because I say so, but because it’s a fucking lie. This increased tax is for everyone. Not just by means of increased costs of goods and services, but actually and really a higher tax for nearly everyone.

Over Taxed, Under Serviced

We may all see at least a 2% loss of take home pay. Is it fair that a guy making $50,000 is expected to survive off of $25,000 a year (or less!)? That person would be considered fairly poor by almost any standard. At what point are we over taxed and under serviced?

Is that point when our nation is 15 Trillion in debt? Is that point when our country has recession as a direct result of our Government’s fiscal policy? Is that point when other nations hate us because our Government instills a feeling of dread and terror on them in the form of Drones and military superiority? Is that point when a man who takes home $25,000 a year is considered middle class? What are we thinking?

Obama promised no new taxes for the middle class. The super-rich begged for more taxes, it seemed. Yet today, while I watch my income fall by at least 2% I see the stock market fly upward at over 200 points. Someone is getting rich today, not me. Someone is laughing about the end of the fiscal cliff, not me. The super-rich are more rich than ever – smart enough to avoid the Government and capitalize on new legislation. We’ve been fooled.

Where do we go from here?

I don’t know. I just want people to stand up and say: “This isn’t right.” Something is broken. We have to admit that when a Government takes by force half your income, there is a problem.

You can’t leave the country. Too much social stigma, too expensive, to much Government, too costly personally. You can’t complain. You are labelled crazy or jailed. You can’t refuse to participate – you will be breaking the law and jailed.

To be honest, nothing will happen. Most people will be happily abused until they become uncomfortable. Until they become hungry, until their cable is shut off, until they can’t drive to Wal-Mart, until it’s too late.

For now, I’ll keep complaining here. A blog no one reads anyways.

7 thoughts on “Over 50% of my income to taxation: Why I’m mad as hell and you should be too!

  1. theworldaccordingtomarc

    You now understand why the broader message is to villify some group we can all (roughly) blame for all the governments’ incompetencies. We should all start with “fair share” and what that means as a start. And then move quickly onto “It’s just math”. If anyone bothered to ask why it’s “fair” for ANY income group to give more for supposedly equitably-distributed goods/services rendered, then you’d be onto the truth. Likewise, anyone who does the math would already know that the government cannot just tax the 1-2-N% because there aren’t enough taxpayers in those brackets to feed the belly of this beast. The mere fact that we in-general buy-into the Robin Hood myth is the REAL problem. That’s why this guy got reelected!

  2. consideragain

    I just came across your blog while researching Adam Smith’s role of government. I really enjoy your posts – great work so far. It seems we blog on similar ideas.

    Keep working! 🙂

  3. Jeff

    I’m sick of this place.I read it and you should be mad.Our government got too big and you can’t stop it.We have to come together and stop them.Maybe in my lifetime maybe not.We could just listen to the news and focus our anger on border control or drug smugglers(good trick America).I was born and raised here and I’m watching a country go down in a ball of flames.Sucks!!!!! Me and my brother are thinking of moving to a different country,sick of getting raped and saying it’s my fault.

    1. Atticus Post author

      I think the problem is: Where else is there to go? Eurupe and Canada is worse off than the U.S. Central and South America has no infrastructure or work to speak of. Unless you are independently wealthy and want to move to Costa Rica for retirement I don’t know what the options are.

      Perhaps a better technique is to get involved locally and really make a difference. You can’t really change the federal government, but certainly you and a small group of like minded individuals could change the town or city you live. Don’t underestimate the power of a superbly ran community.


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