Why I (Secretly) Love the Holidays

I have a secret.  I love the Holidays. Even the things that annoy me to a certain extent I have grown to enjoy. Christmas movies on repeat, my wife constantly listening to Christmas music, being dragged to family members’ homes time and time again.

My wife forces me to neatly put up rows of lights on my house, I find neatly placed Christmas trinkets strategically placed in almost every room of the house.  Even my desk has somehow been infiltrated by a small snowman reminding me the Holiday season has arrived.

Sometimes I’m annoyed by the constant bombarding of commercials begging me to purchase this or that, knowing that I have to attend yet another family event and exchange courtesies to people I only make an effort to see once a year, and watching money drain from my bank account and a sometimes alarming rate. I don’t hate it though.

I thoroughly enjoy watching my wife open the gifts I have so carefully picked for her. She has the warmth and innocence of a child sometimes and that’s something most adults lose rather quickly. I don’t even mind seeing family at a little too frequent basis from November to January. My Mother-in-Law’s cooking and my Father-in-Law’s good nature make up for it.

Even coming home after work some days after dark is a pleasure. The Christmas lights sparkling on my house, a fire going in the fireplace, and a freshly ground cup of coffee waiting for me accompanied by an excellently prepared meal lovingly  given to me by my amazing wife. Those are the evenings that make the Holidays a very special time of year. The atmosphere makes watching even the worst  Christmas movie tolerable.

Good food. A little wine and beer. Friends and Family. Santa hats and tacky sweaters. A roaring fire and even a corny Christmas song playing in the background quietly reminding you of the days of your youth when you believed in Santa. I guess those are the things that make this time of year enjoyable.

I love the holidays.

2 thoughts on “Why I (Secretly) Love the Holidays

  1. Jon Whiting

    Nice post Atticus, to often this time of year we here people complain about incessant Christmas music, commercialism, and Mother-in-laws. (I tend to complain a little this time of year myself.) It was nice to hear someone with nothing bad to say. Thanks. MERRY CHRISTMAS Atticus….


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