U.S. International Relations: Where is our place?

I have read a variety of blog posts and articles lately regarding the United States’ role as related to international affairs. We are arguable the most influential country in the world so I think it’s fair to say that when we as a country speak others listen. What is the moral obligation of such a country and have we overstepped our boundaries?

Overwhelmingly I think almost everyone would agree we have gone to far. In fact, I think this is almost intuitive.

Even if most people don’t realize that our Government is directly responsible for the coo of numerous democratically (and not democratically) elected leaders for their own political gain, that we have smuggled weapons, facilitated the drug trade, participated in the assassination of leaders, and much more – most people still agree that the Government has overstepped its boundaries.

Even our aid is bad medicine. Who are we as one nation to have such influence on the way others live there lives? Especially when the impact is a negative one. Our “aid” in the continent of Africa, for example, has been proven again and again to have resulted in the perpetuation of poverty and violence. Far from eradicate their problems we have only magnified them. Yet we still feel this need to intervene – is it our culture?

We have even hurt ourselves. We are trillions in debt as a country, yet we send billions in “aid” to other countries every year. In what world that makes sense I’m not sure. We struggle with poverty, natural disasters, crime, and culture still today! So why do we as a nation feel so justified in direct and physical intervention elsewhere?

Ask yourself this. Will history define us as a modern day beacon of peace and hope or will history call us a Tyrant? I think we already know the answer to that question.

Where do we go from here?

In the meantime “peace loving liberals” will demand that the richest of our citizens fork over more tax dollars – further funding the Government. We will continuously demand social justice. Our bills will continue to go unpaid and I promise you nothing will change.

This is fact: We cannot improve this nation with a foreign policy of imperialism and intervention. If anyone has any illusion anything will change here at home without a change elsewhere they are delusional. If things do get better – consider this – it will be paid for at the expense of some poor brown bastard you’ve never met.

If our economy gets better, if our products become cheaper, if oil prices go down, or if the United States manages to start enough wars and sell enough weapons to kick-start our economy back into shape ask yourself: Why.

Your solution to social and wealth inequality is to to put more tax dollars in the pocket of the biggest Governmental tyrant in world history? Laughable.


3 thoughts on “U.S. International Relations: Where is our place?

  1. Jon

    I agree with you mostly Att– but would the U.S. really have become an economic power house during the 20th century if we hadn’t practiced ‘gunboat diplomacy’. We’d have all foreign treaties and agreements signed legally by all parties, while the marines waited just offshore.

    1. Atticus Post author

      I’ll admit that my “we should all be peaceful to each other” thesis isn’t a realistic one. Unfortunately thing are done by force sometimes if you want your way, for better or worse.

      There is a fine line between ‘gunboat diplomacy’ and regime change and the threat of drones 24/7 though.

      As always – its not simple answer.

  2. Jon Whiting

    Well said Atticus. I agree for the most part, and the sad thing is things probably won’t get better. I like to hope for change… I even like to think we can affect change. In reality, almost any influence we have over anything as an individuals is insignificant in the scope of things. The only way to really make a change is for everyone to be on the same page and that’s not going to happen. So, the people in powerful positions continue to bamboozle people with smoke and mirrors. And we continue to trudge along in our daily lives…And the world goes to hell in a hand-basket.


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