Why I Blog

Sometimes I share extremely person things on this blog – that’s one of the advantages of anonymity. I think I do it because it’s theraputic, but I also know (and hope) that some of my little rants help others or at very least make them feel a little less isolated.

I revealed that my mom attempted suicide a few months back and received several comments of reassurance and advice. It seems like we all pitched in to help. I received this comment today that makes it all the more worth it:

My mom also swallowed a bottle of pills today. It’s not the first time, and although she has suffered from severe depression most of her life you’d never know it. She is the kindest, most caring person I know surrounded by people who love and support her, and my 5 year old son is the light if her life. All this seems to be meaningless, now lying in a hospital bed. She will recover (again) but for how long this time? How do I manage my life and my family (which is amazing)? These are impossible questions, but I found your blog by searching moms and suicide and your post and all the comments were really helpful and I wanted to say thank you.

Sometimes the answer you are looking for is on some blog no one reads out there on the internet.

4 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. Day Today Dating

    I totally agree. I recently wrote a blog entry about my grandfather’s recent cancer diagnosis. To my surprise, a bunch of my readers commented that their family was going through the same horrible experience. See my readers’ warm thoughts and support was really meaningful.

    – K.

  2. Jon

    Atticus – as you know I’m a big fan of your blog. I think what I’ve related to most have been your questions about how much to live a life constrained by social expectations, and how much to live the life you want — and whether there’s a compromise between the two. The same issues I struggle with. I’ve also been influenced by the Ron Paul videos you’ve forced me to watch here at Blog Truth.

    1. Atticus

      I think we have both influenced each other politically, Jon. It’s always nice to have someone to keep you thinking and sometimes even moderate your viewpoint.


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