10 things that will probably happen in the next 10 years

1. Marijuana will become legal in several states including Colorado, Washington, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Oregon.
2. Same Sex marriage will become legal in most states including those in the Northeast, West Coast, and Colorado.
3. Puerto Rico will become a state.
4. Iran will become nuclear and soon after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will lose power to a U.S. friendly party leader.
5. The economy will have light overall growth over the next four years. The deficit will grow. A Republican will take office in 2016.
6. Hilary Clinton will represent the Democrat Party the next election cycle.
7. The internet will become more regulated under the guise of anti-bullying and anti-terrorism. Website promoting “terrorism” will be outlawed, access to websites in hostile countries will be prohibited, and the Government will track, store, and mine all internet data.
8. Marco Rubio will represent the Republican Party for President.
9. The U.S. will negotiate a trade with China to forgive the debt. This will probably involve energy or a natural disaster (oil or nuclear). The media will play this as an act of goodwill, but it will actually be an act of hostility. This will worsen relations between the US, Russia, and China.
10. A country in the EU will go rogue (Germany or Italy, probably) resulting in conflict or economic collapse for several countries in Europe. The EU will become a totalitarian socialist regime or collapse completely.


10 thoughts on “10 things that will probably happen in the next 10 years

    1. Atticus

      Unfortunately it’s already coming true. Look at Greece and read some of the legislation coming down involving internet use and freedom of speech. There are too many countries going bankrupt for nothing to happen. I just hope it doesn’t get violent… I’m rooting for all the countries over there to pull through.

      1. HoldenHolden

        Already violent. Lots of riots all over Spain and Greece. And Angela Merkel rides into Greece like the German Feuer she is to taunt their position over the nation.

        Its just another German takeover attempt in Europe. Only this time, they’re employing new and probably much more effective tactics than the last few times.

  1. HoldenHolden

    My take on your predictions.
    1. Pot will become legal in more states, but the feds will start cracking down more. Big Pharma doesn’t want legal pot, they want to sell medical pot. Home growers are bad for business.
    2. PR probably won’t become a state. It would give the Dems much more power in the house and senate and the republicans will block it by any means.
    3. Iran probably won’t really become nuclear. We’ll just make them appear that way.
    4. I don’t think the US will negotiate a deal with China to forgive debt. We’ll just play the market in such a way that makes the US bonds they hold less favorable to them and more to us.
    5. I don’t think any countries will leave the EU. Though the EU probably will slowly become more authoritarian as countries like Germany demand other countries in debt to them give up sovereignty for debt forgiveness Also note that the EU is pushing in more regs that kill free speech and label anyone who says anything mean online as a bully and sends them to jail..

  2. philebersole

    Your predictions are shrewd and interesting, and I think at least some of them will come true. In particular, I think the United States is set up for another financial crash, it might well come within the next four years and, whenever it comes, it will mean a rejection of whatever party happens to control the White House at the time.

    But about China and U.S. debt: Although China is the largest foreign holder of U.S. Treasury bonds, that is only 8 percent of the total. For sure it is enough to create problems if the Chinese for any reason decided to stop investing in U.S. Treasuries. But it’s only a figure of speech to say that the U.S. government is financed by borrowing from China.


    I’m not sure what you mean by a European country “going rogue.” Do you mean leaving the European Union? I think this might happen, but Germany would be the last to go. Germany’s economic supremacy in Europe is based free trade within the European Union. The Germans would be the biggest losers if it broke up.

    1. Atticus

      Great observation with the debt in China – I thought it was more than 8% (somewhere around 25% was my guess).

      By “going rogue” I thing several things could happen – succession from the EU, abuse of power resulting in conflict (Germany), and more and more of the EU resulting in conflict with the citizens like what’s happening in Greece.

      There are a lot of smart people predicting an economic collapse and I hope they’re wrong… I don’t know what will happen. I could see a pending economic collapse or four more years of slow or flat growth (similar to the last 4).

  3. Jon

    Interesting predictions, interesting comments. I agree with a lot of your predictions.
    If Rubio is Repub presidential candidate, how about Chris Christie as VP candidate? Although the two would make an ‘odd couple’ — but then Christie + anyone else would make an odd couple.

    Holden, Greece protests may be violent, but I don’t think you could really characterize the protests in Spain that way. (My partner’s from Spain, and so we watch the Spanish TV news every day, and are in Spain during summer and Xmas).

    1. Atticus Post author

      Nice input on Spain. As far as Christie goes…I don’t know. He’s kind of hard to sell to the people – especially independents – who I think the Republicans are going to have to really try to win back over the next four years.

    2. HoldenHolden

      Hey Jon, lets hear some more input from the European side. I enjoy getting the native’s perspective. We’re just observers from afar, looking through the cloudy lens of the media’s camera!


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