Media BIAS makes me sad

MSNBC has to be the worst of the left.  Every article is a director and often immature attack on Mitt Romney without even the slightest attempt to do any real reporting.  This is the most popular article currently trending Google +.

I agree that Romney is an elitist (Obama too for that matter, listen to his jokes about the use of predator drones), but this isn’t a good example of it.  If anything it’s a poor analogy – NOT headline worthy news.

The worst part is probably the number of people who are completely okay with this kind of reporting.  There’s not one word about Benghazi, not a work about drone strikes, NOTHING.  This goes along with the post I wrote a couple days ago about holding your party responsible.  I’m not sure how people can hope on the band wagon like this and be okay with it.

And just to prove I’m being non-biased: I hate Fox News too for the same reasons.


One thought on “Media BIAS makes me sad

  1. Climate Change

    A global warming controversy still exists for a range of reasons.
    Hopefully, this represents some sort of indication that, even here in God’s country, Cache Valley, Utah, we’ve had enough of the ultra extreme far right for awhile.
    t walk into the grocery store without being asked if I.


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