Suicidal teen killed by Police Sniper

This article is worth reading. Are we living in a police state? Yes.

Teen Killed by Police Sniper

9 thoughts on “Suicidal teen killed by Police Sniper

  1. Holden

    He grabbed a loaded gun and pointed it at a bunch of cops, Did they overreact by showing up with riot gear and basically a tank, set up snipers, etc… I don’t know.

    They did seem to think he was holding his mother hostage in the house, so maybe it was an appropriate reaction, maybe not. But then later in the article the sniper admits he didn’t know what was going on in the house.

    It’s a tough call.

    1. Atticus

      Did you read the article? The mother was outside with the police. Based on the trajectory of the bullet the kid was facing away from the window when he was shot.

      From the article:

      “The autopsy report says Andrew was shot in the right side of his abdomen, and the bullet exited the left side. According to that description, the teen was facing the opposite direction from where negotiators were outside the home.

      Yarbrough was on the scene less than 20 minutes before he pulled the trigger and admitted he didn’t even know if there was a hostage inside.

      Pekor and others are concerned the sniper acted in haste, without being properly briefed that Andrew Messina was a suicidal teen, not a hardened criminal.”

  2. Holden

    Bottom line, just don’t call the fucking cops. Seriously, just don’t mess with them. You’re better just dealing with things yourself.

  3. Jon

    Do the police always handle these situations so bad, or did they send in amateurs to deal with it? I don’t know – but the police definitely screwed up.

  4. Doug Chaney

    Another way to look at it is, as soon a person capable firing a gun starts POINTING at people, he or she is TOTALLY fair game to take out. Turn this around where a person was on and off pointing a gun at your loved one, and a police sniper totally had the green light but was concerned enough about the suspect that he failed to act? Now consider that in the next instant the suspect turned, shot and killed your loved one? A WHOLE lot of people are going to have a HUGE problem with the sniper NOT DOING HIS JOB! Personally if it is my loved one on the wrong end of a suspect’s gun, I want the police to take him down at the very first opportunity and worry about how sad it is LATER! That is a luxury I don’t think a trained sniper should give himself! And they should come to grips with whether they are up to THE JOB long before they are deployed to protect innocents! And no, I don’t want that job, but I will not hesitate to console the man by saying “I sure am sorry for you, that you HAD to do that, but you did have to and thank you for having the courage to do a job that most folks could not reliably do.


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