New Blog Partnership

I have been blogging solo going on two years now. For most of that time not a soul on this planet knew I was writing my thoughts down on the internet, but a few months back I let my best friend and closest confidont in on the secret. Since then he has been feverishly reading all of my darkest secrets and opinions – and keeping them to himself.

Recently he approached me about forming a partnership. A blog partnership where he will contribute to my little slice of the web. I agreed.

I cannot vouch for his opinions, I cannot say for certain what he might write on this poor ole’ blog, but hopefully over time he will add some value, a bit of good conversation, and maybe even some insight. I haven’t limited him on what he can write, nor set boundaries. The only rule is the one I set for myself – “What you write has to be the truth, unfiltered.”

So please join me in welcoming my good friend Holden as the offical second author of BlogTruth.

About Holden:

Holden is a father of two, business consultant, MBA educated, man who prides himself on liberty and social progress. He votes conservative on fiscal issues and liberally on social ones. He is stuck somewhere between Christianity and Agnosticism, and doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Holden hates people that can’t take criticism without “being a pussy”, is a technology lover by heart, originally a geographer, a world traveler in progress, and best friend of Atticus.

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