Over dependence on the Government

Listen carefully to what this young man has to say about his homelessness. Not just his words, but his way of thinking.

Did you catch it at 7 minutes?

“Money comes from the Governement.”

“There needs to be programs.”

“There is nothing you or me can do about it.”

Are we breeding a culture where we expect the Government to take care of us? Where we can’t do it ourselves? Where we take unreasonble risks expecting the Government to catch us when we fall?

What’s worse is that no one helps. Why?

“If you analyze it. The amount of cars that come by and the amount that give, it’s really horrible…It gets tiring seeing people who are really well off and just don’t give.”

No one gives because almost everyone is under the impression that the Government should take care of it. What are you thinking right now? Is this close:

“There are government programs, there are homeless shelters, I pay taxes for programs to help the homeless…”

We live in a society that is heavily taxed by the Government. Our people expect the Government to take care of us in times of need. Our people do not take care of eachother because they believe Government is supposed to do it. Passing the buck has become natural and guilt free.

The truth is – the Government doesn’t do it. It can’t do it and those in charge care more about themselves than this guy.

5 thoughts on “Over dependence on the Government

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  2. Holden

    Alright homey, its time to change it up. Enough blabbering and regurgitating the same thoughts over and over. It is time to delve a little deeper and quit scraping off the top.

    You’re starting to remind me of Fox News with a travel edition of Fox News thrown in every now and then for good measure.

  3. Jon

    This is a tricky situation. If we eliminated social safety nets, would this guy not panhandle (partly for what I imagine to be a drug habit)? Would people give more to charity? Even if they did, would you contribute charity money for this guy? I’m not sure. I’ve got not answers.

    1. Atticus Finch Post author

      I imagine this guy does have more problems than just the system (mental, drugs?). I think it is just an interesting perspective that I think is common among people today.


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