I’m in Washington D.C. for two weeks – Also Paul Ryan?

I’m in Washington D.C. for the next two weeks.  I’m here doing some work for a client that I am fairly sure provides information and data to the Government (along with other services to other companies).  This is my first time in the city and as you can imagine – for a political, history, and economics, junky like me I’m pretty much in heaven.

It’s midnight as I write this and I literally just arrived in D.C. so I haven’t had the time to see anything.  I’m headed right to work in the morning so it will probably be tomorrow evening until I actually lay eyes on my first “monument”.  I’m sure there will be stories of drunken political speak in some bar at happy hour, quite a few photos of every historical site in D.C. I can find the time to visit, and of course some excellent food consumed.  I’ll be sharing soon.

Paul Ryan?

In the mean time – any thoughts on this Paul Ryan guy? I think the Obama camp is going to try to paint him as a far right conservative border lining a radical tea partier; however, I think most conservatives will see him as “on their side”. He will probably go a long way toward uniting the Republican party that I think has been pretty divided in recent history.  

At a minimum, Ryan is a much more intelligent political decision than McCain’s pick (Sara Palin) back in 2008.  I also think I like Paul Ryan better than Mitt Romney himself (pending more research).  



2 thoughts on “I’m in Washington D.C. for two weeks – Also Paul Ryan?

  1. Jon

    Washington’s a beautiful city. I go there about every 4 months for work. Looking forward to hearing your impressions.

    In terms of Ryan, you know you and I take different paths here — but I’ll say on the up-side that he seems like a very smart guy (certainly not a Palin pick!), and he has the courage of his convictions – although his past openness about his policy choices might be an inconvenience for Romney’s managers when trying to position him in a non-controversial manner for the swing voters.


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