How to get over Mommy issues, Daddy issues, Family issues, and All other Generally shitty happenings in life

There I am sitting on the plane ready to take of to Dallas, TX.  My phone rings.  It’s my Mom and she’s upset and crying, again.  We are literally on the verge of taking off so I tell her I will have to call her back as the flight attendants are prompting me to put away my phone.  For the next hour and a half I ponder why the fuck I am stuck dealing with parents like this.

Is this some cruel punishment for something I’ve done to the Universe?  Of course I don’t believe that, but I can’t help but complain about the injustice in the world.  I have mommy issues while my friends actually benefit from having GREAT parents. (Then again I wasn’t born with aids in Uganda – that’s unfair.)  I digress.

Anyhow – I do not want this blog to become a place where I complain about mommy and daddy issues.  I’ve done that plenty.  If you want to ready about that you can read this or this and by that point you will probably had enough of my whimpers.  Instead I want to talk about what I’ve learned from all this grief and a lifetime of dealing with shitty parents that continue to plague me – I’m sure there are others out there who might read and maybe even benefit from it.

So here are three simple steps for dealing with shittyness:

Deal with it, Move on

When you have something bad happen to you in life you have two basic choices: Dwell on it or move on and enjoy life.  The trick is choosing the latter 100% of the time.  I have spent hours of my life stressing about what I am going to do with my parents (as a child and adult) and at some point you have to realize living YOUR life is the priority.

It may sound shitty and perhaps a little selfish and over-simplified, but at some point you have to look out for number one – that’s you (and your wife/kids).  Stop thinking about your depressed mom and your shitty drug addicted father and move one.  Think about how beautiful the world is and explore it.  Think about the people you can help, that are in your situation, and help.  Make your dreams come true – it’s cliche’, but fuck it, I’ll say it again – make your dreams come true.

Metaphorically Punch your Parents in the Mouth for being so GODDAM SHITTY!

It’s okay to be a little angry at your parents.  If you are like me and dropped onto this earth for no apparent reason to unreasonably shitty parents who squandered every opportunity – I feel you.  Instead of yelling at them, arguing, hating them, and even the risk of physical violence to have your sweet, sweet revenge – don’t.

The best way to metaphorically punch your shitty parents in the mouth is to just be happy.  Ignore there issues and focus on your family.  The instant you could care less about their issues and you feel at ease – you’ve won.  Then revert to the bullet point above.  Be happy.

Be incredibly fucking Awesome!

Sorry for all the vulgarity, but let me just say I have found that the best way for me to knock off the dirty build up of life’s shittyness is to be incredibly fucking awesome all the time.  Yes, I’m serious.

Pursuing happiness and adventure with a passion, living life so damned hard that President Obama would do a speech on it after a stock market crash to console people who lost everything, to be so damned awesome that what other people are doing means shit to you.

Invent something, write a book, travel, have adventure, love, build, help, and do everything else you always wanted to do.

If you aren’t doing that – then look at your life and ask yourself what’s keeping you from it.


9 thoughts on “How to get over Mommy issues, Daddy issues, Family issues, and All other Generally shitty happenings in life

  1. markd60

    I have a saying : “when you’re going through hell, keep moving “. So many people like to wallow in familiar discomfort.

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  4. kimberly

    Thank you for the post. Put lots of things back into perspective. Lost my strength for moment there but you helped me get it right back.

  5. alexis

    This hit home… Thank you.. There’s a time you have to realize That its not your fault you didn’t make them hate the world so stop Trying to fix them


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