5 reasons I’m Pround (and sometimes ashamed) to be an American

1. When I was in Guatemala I noticed these two kids carrying fire wood to their families a few miles up the hill. It made me realize how fortunate I was as a child to go to school during the day. It made me ashamed for not appreciating it enough.

2. In a small village near Lake Atitlan, Guatemala I met two of the happiest women I have ever come across. They made all of their clothing from scratch – including the fabric and dyes. It made me realize just how lucky I am to have a closet full of clothes. I also realized how much I took for granted.

3. A few months ago in Japan I befriended a few of the locals. I was amazed at the number of languages they knew and their knowledge of regional history and religion. I said a few words in Spanish and told a few stories about American history. Then I remembered what a conservative friend said in regards to learning a second language not too long ago: “If you’re in America, you speak English. Why should I learn Spanish for them?” Then I realized most of us can’t even name the capital of Mexico (hint: Mexico City).

4. At a church right outside Antigua, Guatemala I was told this women walks about 5 miles a day to attend Mass. I drive a mile to the gym, to run 5 miles.

5. While I was in New York City I was amazed at the number of people from around the world and their excitement to catch a glimpse at Lady Liberty. America is still the default symbol for freedom and liberty around the world. I’m proud of that.

4 thoughts on “5 reasons I’m Pround (and sometimes ashamed) to be an American

  1. markd60

    Living outside the US, I notice it’s always Americans telling other Americans how much everyone wants to be American.
    I don’t think it’s true.

  2. Rattlesnake

    I’ve noticed that it seems like many Americans don’t know very much about anything that goes on outside of the United States. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but it is a perception that many other people share and it makes Americans come off as ignorant. Having said that, the United States is the most influential country in the world so Americans are likely more heavily scrutinized than people in other countries, who could be just as ignorant. I would guess that people in general are ignorant about those things, and mostly only care about what is the most relevant to their own lives and pop culture (sadly). That is based on my interactions with other people.

  3. Leisha Young

    America is a country of extremes; you have extreme good and extreme bad…and generally speaking people in American don’t do moderate, whatever they do is loud and proud (it’s just the culture of the country), you have to be loud and proud to be heard.

    There is a horrible subculture in America though that sees the US as superior in every way to any other country on Earth. It’s the American way or no way at all. You often encounter these people online, they are utterly convinced that everything America does is right and that other countries seek to emulate it. This attitude can be very frustrating to listen to, because people outside America don’t really think that way at all, and there are many things that other countries do better than America, but we are made to feel inferior by this subculture of Americans. That’s generally what gets people annoyed and frustrated with America and Americans.

    What we have to remember is that not all Americans think that way and are active in fighting that attitude, and the reason for this is because they want America to be that great leader, and they know it currently isn’t; they want America to lead by example…and it currently doesn’t.

    You’re country is unique in that it has power yet a large portion of the population who do not seek to utilize that power to dominate and control (despite the fact that it does tend to be the end result); many people in America want to be the example of how a progressive, inclusive country should be and, historically that has never been the case in the history of any other nation on Earth, and that’s why I can never stay mad at the US for long šŸ˜‰

    It’s generally a good country with a horrible subculture (Obama’s is a great leveler…he gets it, and it will be a terrible shame when he goes).


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