The President isn’t Stupid – He will not tackle Gun Control

The President has said publicly that he will not use what happened in Colorado as an opportunity to pass more gun control laws. I’m inclined to believe him.


White House press secretary Jay Carney said yesterday that Obama will not push any new gun laws. He said Obama is committed to preventing gun violence, but through “existing law” only. The president “believes we need to take steps that protect Second Amendment rights of the American people but that ensure that we are not allowing weapons into the hands of individuals who should not, by existing law, obtain those weapons,” Carney told reporters on Air Force One.

It doesn’t take much to see a fight against the 2nd Amendment is virtual political suicide – something Obama doesn’t want to tackle in an election year.

Via the Pew Research Center:

Despite the most recent shooting in Colorado public opinion remains divided when it comes to Gun control.

“Public opinion about gun control has changed little in recent years. In the latest Pew Research survey on the topic in April, 49% say it is more important to protect the rights of Americans to own guns, while 45% say it is more important to control gun ownership. Opinion has been divided since early 2009, shortly after Barack Obama’s election.”

What this means for Gun Control

With the election in sight Obama will not try to tackle another controversial issue. Even with the opportunity at hand Obama will undoubtedly call of his democratic dogs when it comes to Gun control laws. He doesn’t want to be put in a position where he has to support (or not support) a controversial new federal mandate. He doesn’t want to piss off conservatives and give them more incentive to make it to the poles or anger liberals and convince them to stay home. This eleciton cycle – Gun control is a lose, lose topic for Obama.

If Romney is smart maybe he will put Obama in a position to pick a side. Forcing Obama to piss a few people off is the only hope Romney has and is something Obama has done a great job doing to Romney so far.

I think conservatives can breathe easy.

6 thoughts on “The President isn’t Stupid – He will not tackle Gun Control

  1. reconciledme

    I don’t think we can even trust him to do what’s politically expedient at this point. This UN arms treaty set to be signed soon is a great way to back door the push for gun control.

    His stance on gay marriage was seen as a political blunder as well, and yet he spoke up. Welfare reform, illegal immigration and the use of executive privilege in the Holder case could all be seen as political blunders.

    I think he’s driven by a different set of values and a totalitarian view of government. I hope you’re right, but I’m not surprised by anything he does.

    1. Atticus Finch

      When it comes to re-election I think he’s willing to give up gun control to secure 4 more years in office. It’s a master plan – plus its and issue I don’t think the average democrat is too terribly passionate about as compared to say Same-Sex marriage.

  2. Holden

    Just more proof that Obama is in fact a Republican.

    Easy on gun laws, pro war and military spending, and doesn’t have a problem killing brown people.

    1. Rattlesnake

      Republicans don’t have a problem killing brown people? That is ridiculous. Republicans are obviously too far left, but, in general, they don’t want to kill people (especially on the basis on their skin colour alone). I also doubt most Democrats want to kill people.


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