Food in Guatemala

By popular demand – stuff I remembered to take photos of in Guatemala – that I ate.


5 thoughts on “Food in Guatemala

  1. galudwig

    Oh my! Some of these things look deliciously spicy and especially 13 and 14 look SO GOOD.
    I’m a huge lover of fast food, but that looks well worth the wait!

    I’m going to Spain myself next month. They’ve got some great food too, but unfortunately not as cheap and awesome as what you just posted!

    1. Atticus Finch

      The food in Spain probably will not be as cheap, but I’ll bet it is going to be SO delicious. Don’t forget to take a few pics. I really want to go to Spain myself.

      1. galudwig

        I definitely recommend it, especially Salamanca, La Rioja and Basque Country. My girlfriend being Spanish, I’ve been there quite a few times. Everything is still a lot cheaper, compared to Northern Europe (especially alcohol and tobacco which I intend to consume in great quantities).

        The problem is, I usually spend so much time in sandwich bars and fast food joints that I don’t get round to visiting the more serious or authentic places! 🙂

  2. jon

    I keep saying to myself, “Don’t look at A.F.’s food photos until after dinner”, and I keep forgetting.
    Galudwig, I’ll be in Spain too (in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia). It’s true that alcohol’s a lot cheaper there. My partner’s also Spanish, and when her brother visited us he couldn’t believe how expensive it was to have a glass of wine with dinner – there it’s often included in the dinner price.


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