Why Conservatives shouldn’t watch Bill O’Reilly

Look, I know everyone carries a certain amount of bias and for some people it’s even their job, but Bill O’Reilly has redefined the term.  I can’t stomach watching him and his bully style is a blemish on every conservative.  The worst part is sometimes I think he truly believes all of the hatred he spouts.

Seriously, there is nothing wrong with a conservative point of view.  There is nothing wrong with defending your position either; however, when what you say and your “opinion journalism” crosses the line (at least constantly rides the line) with an out right lie there is a problem.

It is every political personality’s job to present facts and develop opinions based on those facts – anthing else is simply a fabrication of the truth.  When that fabrication reaches millions of people and is presented as fact – that is immoral!

Bill O’Reilly is a bully who slants the truth.  He is a violent man who should be taken off the air.  If it wasn’t so controversial – which drive ratings – he wouldn’t have a job.

Even if you disagree with the viewpoint of an individual it is important to show respect, tolerance, and decency.  That is how discussions grow into solutions.


6 thoughts on “Why Conservatives shouldn’t watch Bill O’Reilly

  1. reconciledme

    Well that kind of pissed me off, to put it mildly. I knew there was a reason OReilly never interested me. I’m not sure how that guy kept his cool. Not only did he have a provable point, but OReilly brought it to a personal level of attack. What a nasty individual.

    1. jon

      But, as much as I dislike the guy, and as much as he reminds me of an elementary school kid walking around looking to get into a fight with a weaker kid (a bully), I have to admit I watch him sometimes just for the fun of getting mad. And his show is pretty well ‘produced’; it’s not boring.
      But, yes, the bottom line is that Bill O’Reilly is the definition of the word “dick”. In fact, I can imagine a dictionary where, under the word ‘dick’, they just have a photo of his face.

    2. Atticus Finch

      Watching his show is like watching a train wreck. You just can’t look away and you are right it is well produced. The problem is some people actually take what he as to say and worse, how he says it, seriously.

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