How to get more blog readers: Post about a guy in Miami getting his face eaten off

I’m a little disgusted.  Yesterday my dear old blog was inundated with page viewers.  There were a few thousand.  I actually broke my record for views in a single day.  I was happy, but immediately I wanted to know why.  What was the breakthrough?  What had I done to deserve so much love?  Had another popular blog linked to me?  Had I struck Google gold?  No.

I posted about a guy in Miami eating another guy’s face.  The truth is, that post wasn’t even really about that.  Still people were drawn to the title like a moth to light.  Why?  After all of the decent content I try to post on this site – pouring my heart out regarding politics and religion – my number one post by far is about some poor homeless guy getting his face gobbled up by a maniac.

Yesterday’s Top Posts

What’s worse is I can see what people were searching for when they found my poor blog.

And what was the most popular link clicked when viewing my post? The single link to the photos of the man’s face who was a victim of cannibalism, of course!

So what does this say about the readers of the internet and getting more readers? I not-so-surprising answer. Post about sex and violence and people will read. Oh, and just in case you were wondering. As of 9:30am I’ve already received 1000 page viewers on that same post…

8 thoughts on “How to get more blog readers: Post about a guy in Miami getting his face eaten off

  1. Rattlesnake

    I’ve never gotten anywhere near that many views in a single day, but I can’t say I envy you. One of my most popular posts continues to be one with “sex” in the title. And, for the record, I didn’t click on the link to the pictures.

      1. Rattlesnake

        This is related… the main news story in Canada right now is someone who murdered a guy and cut his hands and feet off and mailed them to some headquarters of political parties in Canada. Anyway, there is supposedly an extremely gruesome video on the internet showing the murder happening, that has received over 300,000 views today. Obviously, there is a lot of interest in gore. It is quite abhorrent what sorts of things some people are interested in.

  2. jon

    You know how it is — also cat pictures, lists of the ‘5 best this’ and ‘5 best that’ and ‘5 things you need to know about …’, …. it’s part of the internet-surfer’s ADHD mindset.

  3. jon

    A know a guy who wrote a funny blog post on the time he pooped his pants in the bus. But what was really funny was his next blog post where he described all the ‘search terms’ that people had used to arrive to his post. “fully clothed poop” “pooping her pants” “funny pooping pants stories”.

    This is our beloved internet audience my friend.


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