Guy Eating another Guy’s Face Off in Miami

So is it just me or does Florida’s “stand your ground” gun laws make a little bit more sense now? Between the Trayvon Martin case and the news of a crazed guy going Hannibal Lecture (photos) on some homeless guy I’m rethinking my love for Florida. I mean there is a mysterious case of unstoppable flesh eating bacteria here in Georgia too! Is the CDC (center for disease control) here in Atlanta putting something in the water? Maybe the world IS ending.

What’s my Point?

Whenever the media starts pumping juicy stories into the news circuit almost non-stop I always suspect something.  In this case I have two theories.

1. The media is using the latest interest in “end time prophecy” to make money off of us.  They play stories like “Flesh Eating Bacteria” and “Zombie Eats Man’s Face” to draw in readers already hyper sensitive.  Gore often sales, but perhaps never more than right now.   I also theorize that in the coming months the media will really drum up there efforts on the Mayan Prophecy stuff.  Maybe a blockbuster coming out soon too?

2. There is something else going on that the media doesn’t want us to pay attention to.  Something in the middle east, a new bill getting passed soon, or some other political motive.  This sounds a lot like conspiracy theory, but there have been countless bills passed over holidays or in the background behind some other “major story”.  This is even a recognized media phenomena.

There are my predictions.  Write them down in your little black book.


19 thoughts on “Guy Eating another Guy’s Face Off in Miami

  1. Rattlesnake

    I’m glad I live in British Columbia right now, far far away from the southeastern United States.

    I’ll also point out that the Trayvon Martin case was a statistical anomaly in race-based killings; the media attention probably makes it seem like there is some sort of significant racial tension in the US, or that non-black people killing black people is a common occurrence. However, white people are much more often the victims of black killers (obviously, though, it isn’t politically correct to point that out, so most people don’t). There have also been several attacks on white people by black people in the name of “justice for Trayvon.” I think the media’s irresponsibility on reporting Trayvon Martin’s death and the resulting hype is partly to blame for that.

    1. Atticus Finch

      I agree. I don’t think there is any more white on black crime that anything else. I think the case is more about “racial profiling” which I think rightly or not does happen a fair amount in the south.

      However, I can say that as a percentage (having done the research) there is a far higher percentage of black people committing crimes than white based on their portion of the population. That’s not racist, its just a fact.

      If that’s due to racial profiling, socio-economic conditions, lack of education, or some combination there-of I cannot say for sure.

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  3. jessica

    i think that guy obviously had serious issues.. unfortunatly there is that part of the population that are cannibals. we are all fucked up individuals. smoke some weed and be at peace people!!!

  4. Andrea

    i agree on the racial profiling i got jumped by a bunch of blacks and gave them the address of the people who did it and they said they couldnt find it… and weed does make u more peaceful… blacks just think we owe them something im irish when my grandfather came here it was all hatred. all races or nationalitys were treated wrongly… nobody owes no1 nothing… i couldnt eat anyone that stuffs sick

  5. aggg

    They call it the zombie epocalypse. Ohhhhh so scary haha. He is only called a zombie because the drugs he took were bathsalts. It burns you insides and makes you not feel anything and you go crazy.

  6. brandie grice

    yeah everyone thinks that bath salt is no big deal one of my friends just died last saturday i cant believe you can still by the shit over the counter the stuff is dangerous it was making her see things that wasnt there,she would lock her self in the bedroom and wouldnt come out because she was hallucinateing so bad. we were to late to save her.its very sad she left behind 4 babys and was only 29. it makes you do crazy things to your self

  7. Jeff

    I think it was another campaign against marijuana. Channel 10 just reported the only thing he had in his system was marijuana. Idk about that.

    1. Atticus Finch Post author

      The good ole’ campaign against marijuana. I’ve heard the pharma companies are about to make a pill that does essentially the same thing that marijuana does – except they can make money off of it and monopolize it. I’ll bet that has something to do with this attack on something that should blatantly be legal.

  8. philebersole

    When I worked for the Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester, NY, we did a readership survey about what people wanted in the newspaper. Overwhelmingly they answered that they wanted more positive news—news about people doing good things and overcoming challenges.

    The survey also asked people what articles they remembered in the newspaper during the previous week or so. Few of them mentioned articles about people doing good things and overcoming challenges. The most memorable story, as I recall, was about a dead baby being found in a Dumpster.

    I think responsible journalists should try to strike a balance. That balance isn’t always obvious.


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