A divide in the Georgia Republican Party – The fight for libery

Just in case you are interested in what’s going on in Georgia in the Republican party.

Why so much support for an establishment candidate it is obvious no one really supports?

9 thoughts on “A divide in the Georgia Republican Party – The fight for libery

  1. jon

    It’s fascinating A.F. Right on point to the question of protecting individual rights and how that can get derailed by party politics. Wow.

    1. Atticus Finch

      Yeah party politics are ugly in states where you have “until death” loyal republicans and more open minded conservatives all fighting for the same ticket. The party divide is yet another reason I think Obama cannot be defeated this election cycle.

      Anytime a republican or democrat says we should be loyal to “the party” it makes my skin crawl. When did the voter become more obligated to a “party” than to what’s right?

  2. Rattlesnake

    I really hope Romney changes his mind about NDAA. His support of it, coupled with Romneycare, does not put him in a very good position to oppose Obama. I mean, I’m sure one could make the case that Obama could be impeached for repeatedly violating the constitution of the US. It doesn’t really make sense, then, to elect another president that could be impeached for the same reason.

    Having said that, like most elections, this one will result in the lesser of two evils being elected.

  3. Atticus Finch

    Even if Romney did decide he suddenly didn’t support NDAA I wouldn’t care. It would be just another example of him changing his stance for what he perceives as popular. What are his principals, where does he stand? Hell – I couldn’t tell you. I understand people’s opinions change, but he is really all over the place. I think he wants the power, not to help the people. He’s a “say anything” kind of guy.

  4. Stacey Hopkins

    Wow… whatever happened to all the flag-waving and keeping America safe thing? Funny how things change when an opposition administration takes power. Imagine, if those who at the convention felt the same way as they appear to now, had the same sentiments back in 2001, perhaps the Patriot Act wouldn’t be in place and we wouldn’t have the expansion of government known as Homeland Security.

    1. Atticus Finch Post author

      I think that many conservatives have felt that way for a long time, but the message hasn’t been as clear in years past. The “liberty movement” is much stronger today. The Patriot Act was passed in a time of fear (of course) and confusion – I for one oppose that as strongly as NDAA; however, at the time I didn’t even notice it. With new information comes new clarity.

    2. Atticus Finch

      BTW – this has nothing to do with opposing opposition administration. Most Liberty Advocates equally oppose the republican and democrat’s attempts at pushing through bad legislation. They support neither Romney, Obama, nor anyone else that attempts these type of things. It’s a new wave, I guess.

  5. Stacey Hopkins

    I tend to recall hearing the opposite after 9/11 and during the Bush administration, as many of the argument that were vehemently defended by many of these same conservatives have changed considerably since Obama has taken office.

    On the flip, it is also disconcerting to not see or hear from liberals who were foaming at the mouth during that same period, become very reserved, have a new acceptableness and actually have reversed positions. It’s like living in an alternate universe.

    Libertarians have been fairly consistent, but there are Tea Party groups who haven’t taken a strong position and actually had a few congressional members vote for the Patriot Act and NDAA.


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