As an advocate for Liberty I appreciate what Obama did today

Although he didn’t do it for exactly the same reasons I may have fully appreciated Obama made a great step as a leader and advocate of Liberty today. He openly supported the rights of human beings to engage in personal relationships without the intervention of the Government. He advocated for personal and private property rights, human rights – Gay rights.

Although there is a whole lot I find myself disagreeing (and sometimes agreeing) with Obama about I can and will always respect a politician who takes a stand, the right one, even when it is construed by many as unpopular.

Admittedly, openly supporting Gay marriage isn’t exactly political suicide for Obama or anything and Biden already tested the waters for him days earlier by openly supporting Gay marriage himself. Most of Obama’s supporters agree with him on this issue and most of the people that advocate a ban on Gay marriage almost certainly aren’t voting for Obama anyways – I still respect the steps he took today.

I can respect any man who is honestly trying to do the right thing and taking steps to get there – even if and when I personally disagree with them. It’s certainly better than shitting on the people or war-mongering. Which is more than I can say for most of the Republican candidates.

I only hope that Obama continues to take steps to advocate personal freedoms and common sense lawmaking. Giving the power to the people, protecting the individual, and empowering everyone to do the best they can for themselves and each other is a great way forward. I just hope Obama keeps making choices that keeps the Government out of our bedrooms, emails, personal lives, and personal decisions – especially when we don’t want them there.

Obama may be the first president to openly admit, while in office, that he supports same sex marriage. History was made today.


3 thoughts on “As an advocate for Liberty I appreciate what Obama did today

  1. Rattlesnake

    I might have respected Obama more if he hadn’t waited until it was politically expedient to say this (as he did in 1996, and subsequently stated his opposition to gay marriage for religious reasons before reaching his “evolving” position). And he only deserves any respect at all if he actually does something beyond giving his wealthy gay donors lip service.

    And I am surprised to see such an uncritical post from an “advocate for liberty”; I can’t remember very many other instances in which Obama has done that. Ending DADT would be one, but his and his administration’s other actions (reckless spending, giving guns to Mexican cartels, venture socialism (for example, Solyndra), Obamacare, not doing anything about the imminent entitlement crisis) (and if you’re opposed to warmongering, there’s Libya) sort of cancel that (and this) out. Granted, Romney’s not much better, but he is better.

    Most of Obama’s supporters agree with him on this issue and most of the people that advocate a ban on Gay marriage almost certainly aren’t voting for Obama anyways

    I believe that is incorrect; most black people and hispanics are opposed to gay marriage. But some polls indicate that support for gay marriage in the USA is about 50%, so I’m not sure this is political suicide, either. And I doubt most people even care about this issue right now, given the state of the economy.

    1. Atticus Finch

      I think from a political perspective Obama supporting gay marriage gives other politicians “permission” to support it too – especially in the democrat camp. Overall, I think that is a positive step forward.

      I think this this is one instance where he IS a defender of liberty though. I have sited in countless other posts how he has not – such as with the NDAA, mandatory healthcare, and others. But I’m not biased, I called George Bush out for the Patriot act which was equally as liberty crushing.

      I think its important to remember that white voters put Obama in office, not the black or latino vote. I believe it was only like 2% of his total votes came from non-white voters. So how much damage did he really do inside his liberal camp? Very little, I believe.

      1. Rattlesnake

        Regarding your first paragraph, you have a point.

        I apologize; I searched your blog for “Barack Obama” but nothing came up, so I wasn’t sure if you had written anything else about him.


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