She doesn’t get it

I like Facebook because it really is a good measure of what people are thinking. That’s also what scares me, a lot. Take a look at this conversation that I was FORCED to comment on. She clearly didn’t get my point. Keep in mind this is a college educated women who is working to become a doctor – God help us all. My comment is in the red box.

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This isn’t the first such rant this women has posted online. So if you were wondering, yes, there really are people like this out there.

The funny thing is – I’m sure she didn’t get my point at all.


5 thoughts on “She doesn’t get it

    1. Atticus Finch

      I know this girl pretty well, unfortunately, and she’s so spoiled and self entitled she doesn’t even know it. Worst still, you should see the way she treats people. It’s upsetting to me that there are people this clueless out there…

  1. --Rick

    Isn’t that called a personality disorder with anti-social features? Of course, I’m not a psychiatrist; I just like to guess what they would say if here in the moment. 🙂


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