I have my own thoughts and views about Obamacare, but to be honest the whole thing is so complicated that I can barely get a handle on it.  I’m not sure how it will effect me, my mother, or anyone else for that matter.  I even consider myself above average when it comes to keeping up with stuff like this so I’m almost positive that most other people are relying on their perspective conservative or liberal media outlets to make up their minds for them.

Since I basically hate mainstream media and find they are ALWAYS pushing an agenda I’ve decided to post a variety of links both for and against Obamacare, it’s legality, and it’s basic effectiveness.  I’m going to read over these myself and hopefully in the near future I can give some sort of semi-educated summary and theory on the topic. I’m definitely late to the party on this one…

My Initial Thoughts
Being both fiscally conservative and naturally distrusting of the Government it is terribly hard for me to accept that Obamacare is right for the country at the present moment. The US is already taxed as high as any country in the world so I find it unfair that the country would either have to go into further debt to pay for Universal Healthcare or that the tax payers would have to shell out more money. Either seems wrong to me.

The nation is 15 trillion in debt and counting – I’m not sure that we are ready to take on the biggest social program in history. Furthermore, I’m not sure that the healthcare package is written in such a way that it will actually be beneficial to society. Do we really need more of our life controlled by this government? I tend to think not.

I want healthcare for all, but I’m not sure this is the right time or the right people to give it to us. I’ll give a more informed opinion later. For now, enjoy the links.

Against Obamacare:
Obamacare and the National Budget
50 Dangers from Obamacare
What we can learn from Romneycare
Obamacare Both Unnecessary And Improper
Ron Paul on Obamacare

For Obamacare:
Defense of Obamacare
Conservative Defense of Obamacare

Note: After doing a Google search about a dozen times, it seemed almost impossible to find articles in support of Obamacare from a technical angle. Maybe the way I was searching was not effective. Most “supporting” articles for Obamacare were one liners like “healthcare is a human right, why take it away?” These type articles seemed unhelpful and often ill informed so I didn’t post the links. I would be very interested to hear any defense of Obamacare and why people think it works – especially over the long run. I would be happy to add the links to any good articles.

6 thoughts on “Obamacare

  1. thelittlep

    The whole point of a national health care system is to lower cost and take away the middle man (the government controls the price without any effort of the citizen). If a pill is expensive they bar it from being used until it is affordable. Everyone gets coverage. The downside is that you then see lifestyles being banned to save tax payer money.

    1. Atticus Finch Post author

      I think when the gov starts setting prices we have trouble. We have to let market competition drive prices. The government should simply enforce contract law and free markets.

  2. amelie

    You could surely request a copy from the Federal government, probably under something like Health and Human Services. I bet you it’s a thousand pages and more boring than watching grass grow. And I guarantee you most govt officials have probably not read the whole thing.

    But it is the only way to understand Obamacare. Then just get a Constitutional law degree and you’ll be all set. I agree, frustrating but It is the only way to get fair info.

    The mandate IMO is extremely unfair because like here in Massachusetts, they lie about citizens not being denied affordable care. Some poor people are categorized as too wealthy to qualify as low income so they’d have to pay 600 plus per month, instead of having universal care, then that is mandatory??

    NO. Get free universal care for everyone, then require it.

    1. Atticus Finch Post author

      I actually tried to read the actual bill, but it was written in such a way and so long that it wasnt legible to me. It was a’s long as a novel but very sophisticated.

      It would take some time to get through it and analyze it properly… I have new found respect for those individuals who have.


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