The Hijacking of the Tea Party

I follow a number of conservative blogs.  Most of them are overwhelmed with Obama hate-mongering, but offer few solutions and almost never compare “head to head” how the establishment Republican candidates will benefit the country any more than Obama has.  It’s almost like some since of duty to hate Obama by default.  Statements without data and facts bother me and that is the conservative rhetoric around the blogosphere, it seems.

What I REALLY hate is that most of those same blogs criticize Ron Paul.  He’s not to be trusted – I guess that’s what Fox News told them. People are suspicious of any “Republican” who advocates peace.  What’s worse is that those same blogs and individuals almost always proclaim their love for the Tea Party.  The fact is that Ron Paul is the godfather of the Tea Party.  Now neo-conservatives have hijacked what was meant to be a movement based on logic and liberty.  The word Tea Party isn’t something I can be proud of anymore, for the most part.  The meaning has been consumed by worthless neo-conservative double-speak.  “I want liberty – as long as I’m a white Christian, that is.”

A woman (Sarah Palin) that can barely name the 50 states has become the unofficial spokesperson.  That disgusts me.  It’s a slap in the face to anyone who has dedicated any amount of time and study to liberty.  A quick Google search would inform the most causal politically interested individual that the establishment Republican candidates are not champions of liberty!  Their voting record proves it.  Still most self proclaimed republicans praise each them like good slaves.

Personally, I’m loyal to no party nor politician.  I’m loyal to truth – whether truth is championed by a democrat or a republican is no concern to me.  I won’t toss around hate speech nor false yet convincing appeals t0 emotion.  Rather I’ll let the facts speak for themselves.  I only hope people ignore their ego and  become open minded enough to admit to themselves that their preconceived notions and beliefs about conservatism might be wrong.  I have to remind myself to do the same thing everyday.

I love and cherish my fellow conservative bloggers, I just want us all to recognize the facts.  Not falsehoods made up and accepted over time.


7 thoughts on “The Hijacking of the Tea Party

  1. galudwig

    I remember being so excited when the Tea Party movement began..
    Somewhat similar to what I felt when Occupy Wall Street was just starting out.
    Both have turned out to be very disappointing so far from a libertarian perspective 😦

  2. jon

    I respect the internal consistency of the libertarian position. I don’t agree with it 100%, because I worry that too much reduction in government safety nets could lead to results that are heart-breaking (although maybe not). Still, I respect the view. I don’t see it as non-compassionate; more like tough love. But maybe too tough.

    But the Sarah Palin/Rick Santorum republican view is a different story. Why is it that chest-thumping jingoism, and promotion of religion, should go hand in hand with views on small government and fiscal restraint. I think they’re strange bed-fellows. (I’d jump out of that bed for sure).

    1. Atticus Finch Post author

      My thing is I think that the libertarian perspective truly wants the best for the people – whethere their philosophy is 100% right or not.

      Neo-Conservatives (Santorum/Palin) I feel like are only concerned with perserving the white/christian status quo. Its’ almost like they say things for the sake of argument and elitism. They are quick to attack and slow to think.

      1. galudwig

        I’d disagree with this. In my opinion, all supporters of political ideologies, and some principled politicians, have a common goal: the elevation of the standard of living for everyone in society, particularly themselves. It’s just that we all disagree about the means by which these common ends are to be accomplished.
        From the point of view of any ideology, be it libertarianism, hardcore communism or social democracy, all competing ideas are based on bad reasoning, but they all proclaim to want the best for the people (and who are we to doubt this?)

        But libertarianism is the only one which actually proposes to give everyone the freedom to choose for themselves without forcing anyone else to conform to “their” vision of utopia.

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