Analysis of the CNN GOP Debate

1. Does anyone else see the contradiction of Rick Santorum constantly playing the “good Catholic” when it comes to social issues, but supporting the philosophy of preemptive and aggressive wars that the Pope himself opposes? Not that that matters to me – but on a moral and economic side of the coin those kind of wars can’t be justified either. We can’t afford it and the country doesn’t need it to be “safe”.

2. Laugh at Mitt Romney constantly trying to differentiate his Romney-care program from the Obama-care program when both healthcare plans are blatantly and virtually the same. I’m all for affordable access to healthcare, but I generally oppose the idea that the government can force, via fines or even imprisonment, citizens to participate in any program. Watching Romney try to seem less liberal and more republican reminds me of a black guy that tries to be “more black” around other black guys. Mitt – you are an inconstant moderate conservative hybrid at best, embrace it.

3. Meanwhile Newt Gingrich sits back and enjoys the shit show that is the most current Romney/Santorum fiasco.  He reminds me of a more evil, less bearded Santa Clause genious who plans to further advance his political career by running for, but not winning the presidential candidacy.  What’s your angle Newt?  Right now it benefits him to play the statesman/intellectual card – later he’ll be taking money from lobbyist and exchanging his current wife for an updated version.

4. Ron Paul sits by angrily because he sadly realizes that all these guys are full of shit. Everyone is ignoring the real issues – monetary policy, foreign policy, debt, and liberty. Instead they put up the smokescreen in the form of abortion and contraception to distract the sheep from the industrial military complex, pharmaceutical companies, and oil giants raping our wallets.  We’ll continue to pay higher taxes to support initiatives we don’t quite understand to go into social programs that not-so-secretly end up in lobbyist pockets.  Ron Paul calls Santorum a fake because it’s true – media ignores Ron Paul because he’s not playing by the rules.  Ron Paul says fuck you.

The Inevitable Conclusion

A divided Republican Party votes in Mitt Romney as the GOP representative because they are too confused and too dazzled by his perfect jaw line to do anything else. They do what the media tells them to. Meanwhile, a united democratic party, an incumbent Obama, an untapped $1 Billion campaign fund, and the popular media see to it that Obama is reelected for a second term. Obama supporters cheer. Romney supporters go back to sleep. And those in the know shake our heads because we realize that this shit was decided, bought, and paid for before it ever started. Right it up, put it in the record books. 2016 should be more interesting.

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