Some Personal Nonsense

For the past couple of months I have been on the road 6 days a week. I leave on Sunday nights and get home Friday evenings. I don’t mind the travel necessarily, but I can’t say that I would like to spend my entire career on the road either.

For one, it feels like you are at work 24/7. You are constantly “on call”. It might be networking with co-workers, answering a phone call or email, or just sitting in a hotel room that’s not home. All of those factors make it just a little less comforatable than they typical work day.

There are advantages to being on the road. My expenses virtually disappear, I eat a lot of good meals, and rack up on the hotel and frequent flyer points – all leading to a free vacation!

The worst part is not about me though. My wife sits at home missing me. Call me a softy, but I hate the idea of her sitting at home alone because of a career decision I made. Espescially days like Valentine’s Day – a holiday I wouldn’t even typically think much about – makes me wish that I was at least at home to hang out. I guess it’s just another reminder that I’m on the road.

For now I’m going to try to maintain some symbolance of structure. Work, Gym, Dinner, Lounge, Read, Sleep, and Repeat.

I have another six weeks before I role off this project and get to spend the night in my own bed. For now I’ll continue to deal with the 50 hour work week, emails from the partner at 2am, and newby’s getting a little too comforatable with the idea of binge drinking on work nights when they have to be back in the office at 8am. Yep, living the dream. 🙂

Update: Literally as I write this one of those binge drinking Newby’s I was talking about earlier came up to me showing me a reciept for $150 from a nearby bar last night. He also bragged to me that our waitress from last night’s dinner is “still in his hotel room.” See folks – its stuff like this I’m forced to deal with and ignore. FML.


2 thoughts on “Some Personal Nonsense

  1. amelie

    Oh, I so sympathize. I am only on the road seasonally but all summer while I travel as a Park Nature Interpreter my boyfriend is left sitting home or taking day trips to the beach alone instead of us having a real vacation. It’s depressing. I hope you get some home time soon.


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