Corporate Bias in the Election Process

I talk about how campaign funding and media bias effects the GOP primaries.  I break down campaign funding by individual, corporate, and super pac influence.  I talk about how the media bias and an unequal percentage of media coverage effects each candidates chance of winning the Republican nomination.

Here and here are links to the charts and figures shown in this video you can check out for yourself.

Here is a link to the infographic I discussed regarding who controls the media and therefore public opinion.

Fact: 90% of all media coverage is controlled by 6 media giants and 232 media executives.  

4 thoughts on “Corporate Bias in the Election Process

  1. jon

    Really good A.F. Rosa and I watched it together. Actually she was sitting on the couch as I was watching it, and she got interested about 10% of the way in. She said ‘This would be good for a class’. It’s true — you’d be a really good teacher. The thing about Romney getting only 9% of his contributions from small donors is really something, really interesting.

  2. Atticus Finch

    Thanks Jon! I actually put a lot of research into this one and told myself “I won’t have any bias we’ll just see what the research says” and I came to a few interesting conclusions.

    I am actually planning on starting an MBA program at Emory University here in Atlanta (paid for by my employer!) within the next couple of years. Maybe after that I’ll go for the PhD and we can be colleagues in academia. 🙂

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