Patriotism Kills

Isn’t patriotism just another form of selfishness and ego?  That is when patriotism takes on the form I believe it has in America.  Patriotism isn’t the same as say – I’m a huge fan or XYZ sports team – because usually people aren’t willing to kill for their sports team.  Rather patriotism in America has taken on a particular and perhaps evil form of elitism. 

In this country our fellow human beings can die of starvation, be murdered by rogue drone missiles, and tortured – but that’s all okay as long as it’s not happening to an American.  We worry about the 8.5% of American’s without jobs, but find no issue with the millions in 3rd world countries that can barely afford shoes or find fresh water.  It’s not American’s so it doesn’t really matter, I guess.

The conversation about the “global economy” becomes increasingly more popular, but our attitudes toward the rest of the world are anything but global.  Any candidate that doesn’t support the war effort is labeled a liberal, an isolationist, or someone who doesn’t support the troops.  Mob rule wins over logic, it seems.  Even conservative candidates like Ron Paul are labeled “crazy” when they suggest that we engage in good will tactics towards those countries that are “evil”.  Meanwhile the establishment is supported with more war, more tyranny, and more “safety” for Americans – and all that’s okay as long as there are not attacks on American soil.

One day this is all going to change though – we have to see it coming. America will not always be the wealthiest nation on earth.  We won’t always be separatist.  There one day will be a global economy.  It’s inevitable.  Those who are frightened by such a thing will die off and the youth who embrace such an idea will slowly – generation by generation – grow to see little or not difference between an American and anyone else.  What will be most important is humanism.

Fear-mongrels chalk all this talk up to the conspiracy by those in power for a “one world order” or a “world government”, but as technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated and distance, language, and culture continue to become more similar the border lines will slowly blur and fade. 

For now Americans and other wealthy nations will continue to chant their country’s name and wave their country’s flag on the battlefield of some mineral rich country’s soil – at the price of life for some and an easier way of life for others.  We’ll keep supporting these actions until another plane lands in our own back yard – in which time we will call for more war and less liberty.  We will keep sending our bottom 10% to war – to fight for an idea encouraged by the best movies cable TV has to offer.  The news will keep telling us to encourage those fighting for “us” and people will keep buying veterans beers in bars across America for fighting for “our country.” 

The irony that we are all human beings killing each other will surely be lost on all the Christian’s that preach “turn the other cheek” – and what Jesus taught will surely be ignored for the time being.  Grandpa will call me a liberal for finding it more and more difficult to kill a fellow human who’s favorite song is the same as mine – who likes pizza just as much as I do – and who thinks Justin Beiber is a joke too.  As the decades and centuries go on our enemy will become less and less different from ourselves until eventually – there will be no difference from your enemy and yourself. 

Until that day – try to be a little more of a sports fan and a little less of a patriot.

2 thoughts on “Patriotism Kills

  1. jon

    I agree.

    You know when I was living in the North End of Boston after we went into Iraq, I remember seeing signs in red,white, and blue that said “These colors don’t run”. For a lot of people, that’s about as far as the conversation went.


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