Poorer in 2012: Increased Social Security and Income Taxes in 2012

I was paid today. That’s normally a good day, but when I saw that my paycheck was about $20 less than it was in 2011 I became angry. I decided to do a quick bit of research to make sure there were no errors. I mean that’s about $250 a year I could be giving away for nothing. After a few quick Google searches I learned that there was a tax increase in Social Security. Great.

A program that I will probably never benefit from in any way is taking more money out of my wallet. The funny thing is – the government pulls cash out of the Social Security savings fund all the time – like some sort of emergency savings fund! So right when you think, “at least the people who have paid into the system their whole life are getting something back” you realize the guys in control in Washington are stealing from you.

You might also be interested to know that the guys stealing from us in Washington aren’t tied to Social Security. Congressional pensions are seperate – they don’t pay into Social Secuirty and do not recieve any.  (They actually do pay into Social Secuirty, sorry for the bad information – most ARE wealthy enough not to have to rely on it though…)Funny the guys deciding the rest of the countries fate have almost no stake in the outcome. What incentive do they have to use the system fairly? They can tax us, use the money, and then tax us again to prop up the system a little longer. What a flawed system.

You might even be thinking – well at least we have a few rich lobbyist fighting for us “regular” guys, but you’d be wrong. Rich peopld don’t care. There is a $110,000 cap on taxable income for social security. That means a guy making $110,000 is taxed the same as a guy making $110 million. I’m not for higher taxes – not for anyone, but it’s no wonder main street doesn’t have a say in this whole thing. Social Secuirty is a failed program paid for by the poor and middle class, used by the political machine, and designed to make everyone feel okay about it.

Personally, I wish I could opt out.

We may also see a 2% hike in taxes come March 2012. The renmints of the Bush era tax cuts are coming to a close and congress just approved an extension through February. If nothing more is done the rest of us migh see about a 2% total decrease in their take home pay come March. (For a grand total of about 5-6% in 2012) Inflation and taxation – Happy days!

I’m sure my analysis and summary of what’s going to happen is off here and there. You can check it out for yourself here or here.


4 thoughts on “Poorer in 2012: Increased Social Security and Income Taxes in 2012

  1. amelie

    Great points. This is why we so desperately need a third party. I read your post on Ron Paul. I agree with most of what you said, but I’ve seen Paul talk about gutting environmental regulations, and he would want to make our country very isolationist, I’m afraid. However I can totally see the appeal. I know that Buddy Roemer also wants to slice corporate interests. Funny how some Republicans have more sense than some Democrats.

    I’m voting for Jill Stein. She is very smart and she’s a physician. She won’t win but I’m hoping she gets in the debates and shames Obama for his terrible environmental policies.

    This is why the Occupy movement so desperately needs to succeed. It’s a shame some of them turned to violence, I hope they keep up their message or all of us will be living in a second-rate country (except the Romneys of the world).

  2. Atticus Finch

    The media has spun Ron Paul as an isolationist, but it is a myth. He is Anti-War, Anti-Policing of any other nation, but PRO-trade. He even wants to open up trade and communications to all nations including Cuba and the middle east. I would say he is the least isolationist. Not waging war doesn’t make you an isolationist. 🙂

    As far as the environment, well Ron Paul does believe Global Warming is a myth – which is one point where I disagree with him. He is against most governemnt regulations b/c they expand the government, but when you examine it – companies are being forced to be “green” by their customers not the government anyways.

    I’ll have to check out Jill Stein too! Thanks!

  3. amelie

    I completely sympathize with you about the lack of support when we voters try to think for ourselves. My friends are telling me I must vote for Obama and stop criticizing him. Really? I thought this was America. Why would I vote out of fear?

    Anyway, I have noted your points about Ron Paul. I guess my bias is against my Libertarian friends, who are downright scary. They (not Ron Paul) are talking about seperate city-states, almost. A fragmented country. That’s what they want.

    But if Paul is going to deny climate change and have an anything-goes attitude toward environmental regulation, that’s a deal breaker for me no matter who we’re talking about. Stein looks good, so does the Justice Party by the way, although I don’t know much about them so far.

    If we could get a third party into the debates, it would change the tone of this whole election and fast. I think that’s what we need. A good shakeup. 😉

    1. Atticus Finch Post author

      I agree. The two party system is broken. Unfortunately the corporate owned media won’t give someone not representing the status quo much of a chance. That’s why most people will never vote for Jill Stein nor Ron Paul.

      We are most likely stuck with either Romney or Obama. The general election is decided by the electoral college anyways, so after primaries the people don’t have much of a voice anyways. 😦

      Maybe in a few years we’ll get that shakeup.


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